Friday, August 31, 2012

Adoreable diaper cakes

Howdy!!  I hope that all of you are having a wonderful start to your 3 day weekend.  We are just staying home this weekend and taking it easy.  It will give me a little time to hopefully get some outside painting done on the decks lol.  We'll see how the weather cooperates.

I've been just cruising around doing all kinds of different projects and enjoying myself.  Here are two diaper projects I made that will be centerpieces for Carissa's babyshower next month.  I've never done these kinds but think they turned out adoreable!!  The theme is "outdoor" so think these fit quiet nicely.  What do you think?
I have all kinds of hidden treasures throughout these pieces so she's going to have to go through the wheels and everything to find them.  This is his first bear that is included on this 4x4 :)

His little back supporter??  Yes a bottle brush lol.  What you can't see is what he's sitting on and that is a nipple holder for the dishwasher.  See I told you I had lots of treasures hahaha.

This is the motorcycle and check out the wheels, they have spokes made of yarn!!  Too cute huh :)

The side shot of the 4x4.  Yes even the wheel hubs are stuffed with fun stuff.  These are actually little socks that are around extra diapers.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the little diaper centerpieces and stay tuned for more fun projects :)  Have a great weekend!
xo ~ Laura

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Good evening :)  I've been working on a few projects that is for my new grandson's nursery.  His Mom sent me a few ideas so I figured out what, when and how and off I went.
Both of Carson's parents love the outdoors and anything to do with it so he will have no choice but to adjust and learn to love it also lol.  They are so cute as they sat down, went through things and decided what they wanted the nursery to look like, what colors and the theme they wanted to do.  Brandon also makes customized fishing rods and Carson will have one waiting for him when he's born with his name on it and everything.  So cute :)
So are you curious as to what I've been doing for it?  Think wood lol.  Carissa had been surfing for ideas about wall hangings and she sent me this saying.  I got out one of my boards I had, my wood burning pen, my vinyl and cartridge and this is what I came up with.  It is all done except I have to put the hanger on the back.  Cute huh :)

When they found out that Carson was going to be a boy back on the 8th, she had seen a frame with this on it so I thought why not incorporate the vinyl and wood into a little frame that holds his ultrasound picture.  Love how they both turned out actually :)

Carissa is having her babyshower the end of September.....can you guess what the theme is for it???  lol.  I'll give you a hint.......stay tuned for some fun things from that project.
Well I'm back to more projects.  Hope you're having a wonderful week!  Happy crafting :)
xo - Laura


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My first ever

Well howdy!!  No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I have just been busy working on lots of projects around the house.  Things that have been put off for months, if not even years lol.

I started off last week by pressure washing the entire house, 3 decks and the driveway.  It was crazy and took me a few days but it looks so nice and besides, what else do you do in 90+ degree weather right?  Yes call me crazy.

Since I've been laid off work for the past 2 months, and enjoying it I might add lol, I've also got a lot organized.  My hubby had this little computer desk for one of his play computers (he works at Microsoft and is always writing scripts) but it was getting too dusty as the cat box is in the same room, or should I say it was.  He moved it into one of the other rooms and he gave me the cart so I can move it where I want when I'm crafting.  I thought that was a great idea too so off to the store I went to get more storage.  You can never have enough containers right?  Out came the label maker :)

This was one of my little projects.  I had a wood shelf and wanted to give it more of the "beach washed" look and I love how it turned out :)

I have also been creating lots of frames as I am in the process of trying to get some masters and inventory built up so I can open an Etsy store.  This one I made for a friend of mine who just had a precious little girl.  She loved it :)

There is so much more but I will save that for another posts and then you'll just have to stop back to see what I'm up too lol.
Hope you're having a wonderful week so far and remember ~ happy crafting!!
xo ~ Laura

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mini Girls Get-A-Way

Howdy!  I hope that all of you are having a fabulous weekend so far.  I've been taking it easy today as I've been doing heavy duty cleaning in our master bathroom and redoing some things.  Kind of tired lol.

Last weekend I was able to get away to the beach with a girlfriend of mine last weekend and we had a wonderful time.  I wish I had a home there so I could just enjoy it day to day.  We were fortunate to use a friends home and it was cute as all get out.

Everything was so comfy and relaxing you just wanted to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

I fell in love with the kitchen and loved the countertops.  This is one of my "to do's" is to get granite one of these days lol.

A few from the kitchen into the livingroom, which also had a big deck where we sat and had our girlie drinks and enjoyed every sip :)

Woke up early and sat and had my coffee before my girlfriend woke up.  So peaceful....the only way to start your day :)  Very special for me also it would have been Dad's 85th birthday so what a great way to celebrate for him.

This is a shot a few minutes from the house at the jetty.  It was gorgeous down there that day and even got into the 80's which is unusual for our beaches here in Washington.

We couldn't believe how many deer we saw down there and they are definitely not afraid of human's that's for sure.  This Momma had both of her babies right there and they still were tiny and had their spots.

Well think that is enough for now as I don't want to bore you with too many pictures as we took tons!!  It is so nice even to just get away for a few days and think we all should do it more often.  I was amazed on how I still feel so relaxed and peaceful.  This trip started me on a re-do for both of my bathrooms.  I've got a new color I'm loving so stay tuned lol.

Have a great rest of the weekend!! 
xo ~ Laura

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Drum roll please.........

Happy Wednesday!!  I hope you are having a fabulous and special day.  I know I am.  Today is my birthday and it couldn't be more special.  I was able to get up bright and early and go to my youngest daughter's ultrasound to see the gender of my newest grandbaby. 

Hmmmmm is it a girl or is it a boy??????????

Drum roll please ................................................................................................................

IT'S A .........................

He is due December 27th and his name will be Carson Roe.  We can't wait and since I found this out on my birthday, maybe he'll give Nana an early Christmas present and be here before Christmas.....hmmmmm.  We couldn't be more excited for the kids and know that this blessing is a true gift from above.  Carson is healthy from head to toe and all his genetic testing came back perfect.  So can today get any better???


Have a great day....think I'll go work on a few more projects and enjoy myself for awhile.  I've been busy with things around the house so stay tuned.

xoxo ~ Laura