Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I've so missed doing my posts on what I've been accomplishing this past year but guess this was a time where I had to go through many things to grow as a person.  A lot of personal issues and struggles with family and some very close friends this past year and at times I sit and wonder when it will stop.  I have found that to be the wrong way to approach things lol.  Life will continue to happen but it is all how you handle it that is important.  So with that being said, I'm ready to learn from what I've had to deal with in 2011 and am focusing on even the smallest things in 2012!!

I will be focusing on doing more what I love and that is my crafting and concentrating on my family.  I am working towards refining my skills and creating new and exciting items as my passion is to start my own business :)  So there is no better time to start right?  :)

My New Year's wish to all of you in 2012 is love, health and happiness!  Have a wonderful New Years eve and enjoy and be safe!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sometimes you just need to step back


Things have been so hectic all the way around here and I sometimes wonder why and how much more can one person take.  I had received a heartbreaking phone call last Sunday from my Mom and my stupid brother (and trust me I'm being nice) destroyed my Dad's pickup that he had promised to my son, had hit her in the head because he was angry (and drunk) and then stole her car after the cops brought him home!!  The truck is older so it doesn't take much to total it and it only had liability on it so no help there to get it fixed.  It is the sentimental part you can't replace :(  Can you tell me why they didn't arrest him????  Arggggg!!!

So working fulltime, I then come home and have to make sure my Mom is OK.  I went down to where she lives at the house on Monday and we filed a no contact order on him so she is safe for now and we go to court on the 19th.  It makes it hard when she is 2 hours away and will not move out of the house again.  I mean seriously....on the 1 year mark of losing Dad he has to pull this crap too?  I'm exhausted ...... so on a happier note, my youngest daughter said Mom we are going to go out, have fun and have a wonderful lunch and maybe a glass of wine to get you away from all this and to get you to relax.  That was the BEST idea yet so I will take you on our little journey out today which helped me all the way around :)

First stop, the Premium Outlet Mall.  Wow... I haven't been there in so many years and let me tell you, we went into everyone store that was there lol!!

I have found many new favorite stores now.  Yup got some shopping done today and even got the boys some Christmas treats with white chocolate lol.

But then if I brought these home, the hubby would say hey!!!  What about me???  Why do they get chocolate and I don't?  So of course the loving wife that I am got him this.  Get ready...this is so yummy!!  A German Chocolate Caramel Apple :)

Next stop, off to Snoqualmie Falls.  This has a very special meaning to me.  It is a beautiful place and although the weather wasn't the greatest today, I didn't care.  Here is the picture I took when going into the lodge.

 This is the lodge itself.  There is a wonderful gift shop inside with so many fun things to look at, a warm fireplace as you entered and it is all decorated in Christmas decor.  So warm and inviting!!  So you may wonder well why is this place so important to me???  Well the lodge itself has been around for a long long time and they expanded and built an entire new portion to the lodge while also remodeling the old lodge.  So you may be thinking OK????  Well this was one of the last jobs that my Dad actually worked on before he retired so it was like I was being surrounded by him today. 
 The beautiful decorations outside :)
Carissa and I had the best lunch.  We ate in "The Attic" and were sitting right next to this....
And we had lots and lots of laughs, memories of Dad and just plain bonding time.

We had the most amazing appetizer.....dungeness crab and articoke dip with freshly made foccasia bread....amazing!!!!

And Carissa had a pulled pork sandwich and I had the signature bacon cheeseburger!

So good times, a lot of stress release while making more special memories.  We got home and the hubby was happy too as he got the benefits of leftovers lol....oh plus his apple. 

Sometimes I just need to be reminded to stop and take a step back and breath.  Things will work out as they should and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and family who are always there to help remind me.  Love you all :)

So obviously I haven't had a lot of time to work on crafts but wanted to let you know I am alive and kicking and I will be working on some soon.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and happy crafting!!