Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Good morning!!  Oh it feels so wonderful to have 3 days off now to just kick back and relax, well for the most part anyway lol.  This week has been a tough transition as all the emotions and last minute details to for the wedding were finally able to wind down and then having it be month end at work, my body has said enough already!!!  So what do we have planned this weekend????  Not much of anything but relaxing and enjoying some quiet time :)

So let's go ahead and start with a few of the ceremony pictures.  Carissa's dream for her entrance was to have the barn doors shut, her music start playing and then she could make her grand entrance to all her guests and most importantly her new husband.  After the last of the bridal party came into the barn the doors shut and everyone got in their place.  The music then started.......she had chosen "Then" by Brad Paisley.  When the piano entry started, I stood up and everyone followed.  There was a pause and the doors slowly opened to see my beautiful baby girl standing there with her Dad, hand in hand.

She was absolutely stunning!!  I turned to see Brandon's face and the look said it all.  Once we gave her away, you could see the love in their eyes so strongly.  Made me get tears in my eyes that's for sure.

Into the ceremony, when the minister asked each of them if they took each other to be man and wife, agree to do a little fishing (yes they wanted that thrown into that part lol), they anxiously said "I DO"

Take this ring as a symbol of my love and devotion......
Unity candle lighting...........uniting as one
The kiss as you are now husband and wife..................
I would like to introduce you to the newlywed couple...... Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Morris!!!

That's it for today....have a fabulous day and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend!!! 

xo ~ Laura

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I took last night off from catching up on my blog as I think that after all the wind down, it has hit me that I was exhausted lol.  Going back to work wasn't easy this week either but hey, I only have one more day to go so I can do it.

Lets see....where did I leave off?  Oh ya, at the barn :)

Brandon was trying to stay calm in the water tower with all his groomsmen.....did he???  Well that depends on who you asked lol.  He did great though.  He was so anxious to see Carissa he couldn't even sit down and relax.
In the meantime I was busy finishing up the final touches inside the barn.  I made their Unity Candle with their actual invitation, distressed it some and varnished it on the candle to keep it safe.  It turned out so pretty :)
OK so got the barn decorations up, back to the farmhouse now to finish getting ready and get Carissa dressed.

Makeup on, check!!  Mom dressed?  Check.  Now it's time to concentrate on the final things for her.  All the hours I put in making the veil was so worth it!!!  She looked absolutely stunning!!!
So guess that is enough for the night.  I'm going to just sit back and relax for the rest of the evening.  Have a great night and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ready for some more???

Oh I cannot tell you how excited I am to be back to my blog :)  It feels wonderful to come home from a full day at work and just sit down and relax now.  I would do it all over again if I had to but I know that Carissa absolutely loved her wedding and I think I will now officially hang up my wedding coordinator position lol.

First up, their table.  The glass block had blinking white lights during the reception so that was a fun thing and of course her bride apron was on the back of her chair lol.  Yes, we did put a bottle of champagne in the bucket also.  The black velvet box had their toasting engraved glasses in it.

The wedding arbor and the Unity Candle.
The buffet table. The menu included:
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches
BBQ Baked Beans
Chocolate Fountain with Strawberries
Potato Salad
Green salad with apples, oranges, cranraisins, pecans and feta cheese with a rasberry dressing
The bar area with 2 of the large flower arrangements and the glass "Thank You" jars.
So am I keeping your attention with all these things?  Lol!!!  I told you this is going to take me a bit to post all these.  Well I'm going to go relax for the evening.

Have a wonderful evening and Happy crafting!!!
xo ~ Laura

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let the story start unfolding

Good evening!  Over the past few months of being MIA, I can now show you in some posts what all I was up too :)  Where did it all start on her special day?  All the decorating to see how it was all going to flow together.  First off....all my garland.

The special sign, card barn I made them and the guest book :)  That is my Mom in the background helping get the favors out and displayed.....yup I had lots of help on Saturday :)
The setting up of the chairs
The buffet table, the fish nets hung and all the bar decor.
Well this will get you started to start getting the idea of how it all started getting together for their special day.  The fun thing about this was Carissa and Brandon had seen all the decorations at my house but they are very visual people so they couldn't begin to picture how it would come together and what did they think when they saw everything??????  Stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful night and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Sunday, May 22, 2011

She's Married!!!

Well Carissa and Brandon were married yesterday and it was picture perfect!!!  The weather even cooperated and everything came together without a hitch!!  Through a lot of anxiety, she looked so stunning!!!  Yes, I had tears also and some very very special memories were made :)

So here is a sneak peek on what all I had been working on and stay tuned for more :)  I don't have any energy right now so it will be spread out but I'm back to all my blogger friends now!!!

Until later....have a wonderful evening!!

xo ~ Laura

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 1/2 weeks and counting!!

Hi there!!

I must say I have missed my blogging buddies so much these past weeks (or is it months lol).  Time is a whirlwind right now with less than 2 1/2 weeks left until Carissa's big day!!  I am staying pretty calm as everything is pretty much done except for the final details so we're good.

The menu for the reception was chosen by the kids and they wanted pulled pork sandwiches....yup a true BBQ for this event lol.  Thank goodness that is one thing I don't have to worry about fixing as we have the caterer doing that :)  Anywho, Carissa was afraid she was going to drip some of the BBQ sauce on her dress and then my DIL said the same thing for the Flower Girl as she also is in white so what did I do up for both of them???  I think this is a great idea and will keep things safe and sound :)  And the nice thing, they are keepsakes as you can wash them.  Wow do I love washable vinyl!!  lol

I am so ready for this to be done and to relax and start cleaning up my house of wedding items and getting back to normal and start doing crafts for me again!!  I will be back and soon I promise :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far and happy crafting!!

xoxo ~ Laura