Thursday, September 30, 2010

Envelops and more!!

Happy Friday!!!

Well I'm really glad it's Friday and it is getting closer to sit back and relax a little for the weekend.  Well at least I hope so anyway lol.  I'm a tired girl let me tell you :)

A few days ago I shared that I found 2 for 1 Cricut cartridges and I have been playing with some of the things you can do with them.  It's always fun for me to play with technology.  I guess that comes from working over 9 years at Microsoft huh lol.

I was playing around with Carissa's "Save The Date" cards and think this is a great idea. Not bad for the first attempt huh???  Everything all in one.  Gives me ideas for the invitations also.  Oh wow, I'm in trouble now huh lol.

I also made this smaller one which is perfect to fit gift cards in it.  I tell you what, this cartridge is such a time saver and love it!

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Precious Plaque

Happy Thursday!!

I hope that all of you are having a fabulous week and enjoying yourself.  Things are starting to settle in at work and I think I'm starting to get into a routine now lol.  No, I still haven't won lotto lol.

The other day, a very dear friend of mine sent me this saying and it touched my heart so much, I knew that I had to put it on a plaque and display it.  I had bought a few of these plates over at the Dollar Store.  They were just plain white plastic.  I took plain acrylic paint and a makeup sponge and started dabbing it and I really like the texture it gives it.  Yes these are my little coffee filter flowers I got to use on it too.

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Fall Decor

Happy Wednesday!!

Well I've now kicked over to the Fall decorating lol.  I have redone one of my redo's that I made a few months ago that used to look like this.

I took a sponge and redid a pumpkin and decided to give it a little more character and put little antique white polka dots on it, then sprayed it with a gold Shimmer Mist. I also brought out some of my Fall/Holiday decorations and added the dried corn and my little black crow. I think it turned out so cute and love it!  I like this much better and feel it is more versatile don't you???

Then of course my adoreable little scarecrow is watching over the table decorations.  I have her out every year.  Yup, I'm definitely into the next season and you know what that means don't you???  Christmas is right around the corner.  Oh just wait to see what I do with my favorite holiday!!  :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Decorations

Happy Tuesday!!!

So I have been slowly but surely getting some of my Summer decorations changed out to Fall.  Here are a few things that I've been up too.

Opps I see one of my green stems sticking out lol.  Well I'll fix that :)  One other thing I'm working on....remember this?

Stay tuned :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dollar Store Fall Wreath

Happy Monday!!

When I was out and about on Saturday doing errands, I decided to stop into the Dollar Store.  I know, we all love them don't we :)  I picked up the items to make this adoreable Fall wreath.  Some of the items I already had here at the house so total cost, $4.00!!  Don't you just love it!! 

Why do I love this so much?  Well everything on this is actually removeable so when Christmas comes, I can change it all out.  Gotta love it huh :)

I got a few more things too but you'll have to come on back to see what they are lol.  I know, I'm such a tease but you love it :)

My Cricut has been getting used over the weekend.  Check out some of my cute glitter foam flowers I made.  These are going to come in handy for some of the projects I'm working on.

Well that's it for today.  Have a fabulous day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


Happy Sunday!!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday here in the PNW so I decided to get all my errands done and enjoy some of the sunshine.  I had my regular stops but let me tell you this, I scored big time :)  I was walking around and I saw the Cricut cartridges and I've been eyeing some but I can't seem to get myself to purchase some of them because some of them are so darn expensive.  Well let me tell you, I couldn't pass this deal up.  It was buy one, get one FREE!!!  Can you believe that???  How much did I save, $69.99 :D  Oh yes I'm a very happy camper.  Here are my 2 cartridges :)  I will be playing with these more today lol.  The Wild Card cartridge will help me with my cards that I make, along with the invitations to the wedding.  I'm SO darn excited :)

Now I have to show you these cute little things.  Remember I made a few of the pipe cleaner flowers, well I made more and put them on stems lol.  I think they are just adoreable!!

Well I'll be a busy girl today so stay tuned for some of my projects, well at least I hope so :)

Have a great day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a week!!

Happy Saturday!!

What a busy week this has been.  I am feeling much better and took it pretty easy to get over this bad cold/flu that I had gotten.  I still have the cough but from what I hear, that hangs around for awhile so I have to deal with it I guess.

I'm glad the work week is overwith and between catching up on the day and a half I missed due to being sick, dealing with wedding appointments, I'm REALLY ready to just sit back and relax this weekend let me tell you.  We got the food all handled for the menu for the wedding and Carissa is SO happy as she gets to have her chocolate fountain and will get her dipped strawberries :)  Yes I'm still waiting on that winning Lotto ticket so I don't have to worry about anything anymore LOL!!

I had some paper laying around and decided to start making up some various tags as I can use them in the albums, on gifts and many many other purposes lol.  They are so quick to make it's unreal.  Why buy a card when you can make these ya know :)

The other day I was playing around with some of the dyed coffee filters and had extras so I decided to use a paper punch on one and make some cute tiny flowers.

Using the water spritzing I very carefully started to scrunch them up to look like this after I put them together with the brads.

Very carefully I started to unfold them and they turned out just petite.  I then sprayed them with Glimmer Mist to give them a little shine.  So much cheaper doing these yourself.  Even though they do take a little more time, it's worth it :)

I'm hoping to get a few projects done this weekend and if everything cooperates, I'll be a happy girl :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is here

Happy Friday!!

I found this cute idea over at Craft Gossip and my mind started going a mile a minute!  Can you just imagine how many different occasions this can be used for? 

Well since "Fall" is officially here, at least in the PNW, I decided to do up one for this season :)

I just started cutting these designs out on my Cricut using four of the 4" in diameter, four in the 3 1/2" and four  in the 3".  The letters for Fall I just printed out on my printer and used some of my decorative scissors lol.

I then put glitter on the letters and around 2 of the flowers and put them together with dimensional foam.

I then added the flower that I made on top and added an additional bow and Ta-Da!  Cute and simple :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keep Calm

Happy Thursday !!!

Remember when I won this adoreable frame from Jen over at the Frame Fanatic?  Well I knew I wanted to do something special with it and this is what. 

I am taking it to work and putting it on my desk :)  I thought how appropriate since it is a high stress position.  That way when I get a tad bit overwhelmed, I can look at it and remain calm :D  I love it!!

Since I haven't been feeling the greatest this week, I've just been sitting doing some projects.  I made this cute flower using the flame edge technique. 

I tried to take a picture showing some of the dimensions but it's not the greatest.  But I love it!

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Wednesday!!

I'm starting to feel a lot better today except for this stupid cough.  Still hear it in my chest but think I'm on the mend.  Am still going to take it pretty easy though :)

You may have remembered I had done some watercolor painting last week with a few different patterns and then used the dimensional glaze on them.  Do you remember this?

Well I made a cute birthday card with it and I think this one turned out cute!!

I also have had my Cricut up and running getting some cute snowflakes cut out to get some prepped for the holiday's.  Since I'm thinking I will be making my cards this year, wanted to get things all prepped now so I can just sit and make them :)  I just love glitter cause it's so sparkly!!

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Monday, September 20, 2010

My new buddy

Happy Tuesday!!

Well it is official.  I am fighting my first cold of the season and I don't like it.  Lots and lots of liquids going on right now :(  It's always so much harder when you have to work fulltime.  I only made it 4 hours yesterday and had to come home.  I was miserable.  I'm taking the entire day off today so I can just rest and get better.  I have no choice as so many things are going around out here I don't want it to get worse.  I did get a wonderful surprise last night and totally unexpected.

The dogs started going crazy and I wasn't sure why and low and behold, Carissa came in and said I brought you something to make you feel better.  This is my new buddy "Cuddles".

Isn't he just the cutest ever!!!  I will definitely be cuddling with him tomorrow that's for sure.  She also got me this card.  Nothing warms a Mother's heart more when your children show their love for you.

I was playing with my pipe cleaners to see what I could come up with and I found the most simple thing to do with them and they turned out so cute!!  How are these for adoreable little flowers and you can even bend them to make them more of a 3D dimension too :)  I think I'll be making many more of these in all different colors and sizes.

I also was playing around with some of my dyed coffee filters with different types of flowers.  I'm not exactly sure what kind this would be, but I think they turned out cute :)  It's funny when I start just cutting away and see what happens lol.  Any ideas on "what" type of flower these resemble?  lol

Giveaways for today:
Check out Sweet Bee.  She has the cutest things :)

Have a great day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 down!! Proud Momma

Happy Monday!!

Over the past few days, you've seen that Carissa and I have spent quiet a bit of time working together working on her bridesmaids albums.  Well this one, I wanted to post to show you some of the hard work that she has been doing a lot by herself.  I have to say that girl has an eye for detail and she makes her Momma proud :)

So for Ashley her true country girlfriend!!
Each of the albums have cards attached in the front with a very personalized not directly from the bride herself.

And what cowgirl doesn't have her own scarf :)

Have to get those lucky horseshoes right?
Oh how I LOVE these pink cowgirl boots!!
What friends are about with no doubt
Oh and these aren't wimpy country girls, they know how to shoot with the best of them.  Their boyfriends/fiances have taught them well.
And of course, they do laugh out loud when they put those boys in line.
Gotta have your hat and wouldn't be complete without those long horns right?  lol

Sums it all up :)

It has been fun to watch all this transpire for her and watch how she also pours her sweet heart and soul into these gifts.  I think she did a fabulous job on this one.  The tags are all completed except for the ribbons, and of course she is also putting on a few pictures that she has picked out and #3 will be done!!  Only 2 more to go :)  Whew!!

Have a fabulous day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura

Christmas Cards and more

Happy Sunday!!

I got so used to not worrying about what day it was and to have all the time in the world to do whatever I needed and now for these past 2 weeks, its been a total adjustment.  If I had a magic wand or a genie, I definitely know what I'd wish for lol :)  I'll let you figure that one out for yourself lol :)

So between Carissa and myself, we have been able to finish another album for one of the bridesmaids and realized that it is taking us about 3+ hours to do just the pages and tags/embelishments themselves.  The embelishments go by fast and Carissa is loving doing them. She puts so much thought into the colors and accents, what she is writing and what embelishments to use so that each girl has such precious memories that they've shared together throughout the years and they will be able to remember those great times and just smile.  I have a feeling there will be some happy tears shed when she gives them to everyone.   She needs a pick me up as her fiance is hunting this week and she's miserable so it's Mom to the rescue to keep her occupied :)  She loved the idea of personalized gifts for the girls and loved how I put them together and now she is enjoying doing a lot of the finish work.

So this one is for her sister who is 9 years older than she is.

She wanted to put some word embelishments on this page to bring back when they were younger.  These mean things to them lol.

I think this one says it all and what a special bond sisters have.

Oh when these two girls get together, this doesn't even describe them! lol

Only the bond that sisters have says this one.

They have always referred to each other as big sis, lil sis.

Aw yes.... no matter what, family.

I also decided to play around with some wrapping paper that has Season Greetings on it that I found at the Dollar Store.  So here is what I did.  I just started tearing strips, all sizes which looks like this.

Then I just started layering them on top of each other, altering the jagged edges to give the flower a base look which turns out like this.

Then I used the scrunching technique that I do on some of my other flowers but this time without spraying it with water and you will get this crinkled up ball of paper but don't worry.  You'll be surprised when you start unfolding them and you will end up with this cute flower :)

I then wanted to go ahead and make a Christmas card to put it on.  I'm not 100% happy with the card itself but not bad for the first attempt at it :)  They can't all be perfect right?  :)

Also, if you just love the mini albums that I have done, you have to go check out A Scrappy Design as she has a friend that is giving away 2 of these albums to 2 different winners!!  They are from the Teresa Collings collections and I love them!!  Hope on over and check it out :)

Giveaways for today:
Check these adoreable flowers being given away over at Janes Lovely Cards.  She's got such cute stuff :)  If you haven't stopped by, you're missing out :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura