Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feel like my head is spinning....

Ever feel like time is on fast forward and you can't keep up with things?  Well that is exactly how I am feeling right now.  Life never slows down and I just keep hitting things head on lol.  I've been off work for 3 months now and enjoying every minute.  It has given me a little time to regroup and decompress work wise which was well needed I must say.  So what has me going all over the place?

Hmm lets see, where to begin.  Yes I am still around, just have been busy.
My DIL had to have surgery so had to help out with 2 of the grandbabies getting them to school and back and things handled around the house for her.  My youngest daughter has had a few mild complications with the pregnancy so have been with her having more test ran, on top of trying to get them handled to move in the next few weeks.  Good news is all the other test have come back normal so we are thanking the good Lord for that but her bloodpressure is still higher than they want so we're seeing what is going on with that and the next step.  In the meantime I am interviewing for a new job position so see, lots going on and I need a vacation lol. 

So what makes me slow down and relax????

Getting to see this precious gift...this is a picture of Carson Roe.  He is 28 weeks here and we can't wait to meet this little one.

I've been very busy getting crafts done for his nursery so that also helps me to relax.  Here are a few things I've already finished.  Carson will not have a typical nursery.  Both his parents love the outdoors, as I'm sure if you've been following me know from my past posts, so they want to have his nursery with the outdoors theme.  Problem is you can't find things very easily so yes, guess who gets to make them....yes Nana lol.
Here is one of his little wall hangings.
I made him this baby powder scent candle.

I actually made this shelf and am very proud of myself for it :)
Well I can't show you everything right now can I so you'll have to stay tuned to see more lol.  I think it is time to just settle down for the night, clear out my brain and try to relax and get ready for my interview tomorrow.  Pretty peaceful about it as I feel I'm going in and being myself and whatever happens, happens. 
Have a great night and happy crafting!!
xo ~ Laura