Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cute Cute!!!

Hi there!!  Well I was on my way home from my last day of work for this contract and decided to stop by the craft store to see if they had any sales on Cricut cartridges.  Well they did but I also found these adoreable finds, and where you may ask??  In the 80% off rack as they were "damaged"!! 

To me they aren't damaged, just a little chip on each of them, and I just love them.  I spent a total of $4.00 on all of them!!  Now that's a deal :)  I'm going to do something with them but don't know exactly what yet but it won't be repainting them :)  Going to plant some things in them I think!!

I was just so excited I wanted to share my adoreable great treasures from today!!  Wow, I'm going to be crafting and organizing away on my day's off now.  Yay!!!

Have a great evening!!

xo ~ Laura

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patriotic Setting

Happy Rednesday!!  Well I had a few things together and wanted to do more so I came up with this cute centerpiece for our diningroom table.

I had gotten the crate already and just gave it a fresh coat of white paint, distressed it a little and it was good to go.  I had also already completed my little white boxes with my vinyl stars on it, had the little flower arrangement and my glass block.  So I had picked up the little tiny crate that wasn't finished on one of my treasure hunts so I spray painted it red and put on my little flag ribbons and ta-da!!

Very cheap, creative and am displaying it proudly :)  Hope you have a fantastic day!!  I won't be getting much done today craft wise as it is my last day at work for a few weeks until it gets renewed so it's going to be a very busy day!!

xo ~ Laura

Burlap Frame

Happy Tuesday!!  Well I got some burlap material on sale and have seen so many cute projects out there with it I decided to try it out.  I wanted kind of a ragged edge look so wasn't very precise on cutting which is what I was looking for so frayed the edges a little to get what I wanted.

I had found this wood frame at Walmart for $2.00 so and wanted to see how vinyl worked on it.  I have to tell you it was a little bit more of a challenge for me to get used to but think it turned out very well.

I had read on a post from Connie at the SHADY CREEK LANE on how to do flowers out of ribbon and material so I went out to YouTube as she suggested and gave it a shot!  I think it turned out very cute and even my husband thought that was pretty cool :)  The picture doesn't show the 3D affect very well but still.  Thanks Connie ~ you are such a talented lady and just love seeing what all you do!!

So here is the frame that I did with my more country look, along with my cute flower with a pearl inside.  This picture is very special to me as it was taken on our wedding day.  My hubby didn't have any children of his own and he took the entire package.  Yes, all 3 children and has been such a wonderful role model for them for 14 years now.  We incorporated them into our vows also which was so sweet, on top of all of my kids right next to me.  My son even walked me down the aisle.  Now that isn't something everyone gets to complete in their life and I couldn't have been more honored :)

Well that's it for me for now and have a fantastic day!!  Until next time....

xo ~ Laura

Monday, June 28, 2010

Burlap and Material Window Hanging

OK so I just couldn't stop today!!!!  So while organizing some of my little nooks and cranny's the other day, I found this small styrofoam circle and when looking at all the wonderful blogs this week, I saw this cute burlap wreath from Linda over at the Craftaholics Anonymous site!  Thanks Linda for the great idea :) 

So here is what I started out with.  I would say maybe a 6" styrofoam circle.

I then cut and ripped burlap and different scraps of material that I had and started tieing them one by one.  Then I decided to just hang it by some ribbon I had and put a cute little button I had and I just love it!!  I have it hanging in my kitchen window :)

I just want to say that all of you out there in blogland are such wonderful and talented individuals and love all your ideas and am so grateful that you share them with us.  I love to try out new little projects, especially from scratch and see what creation I come up with.

Have a fantastic day and love you all!!

xo ~ Laura

Master Bedroom Part II ~ Shelf Redo :)

Happy Monday Everyone!!!  Well I thought I had taken before pictures and for the life of me, I can't find this one :(  So I guess I will have to just explain it and have you visualize it lol.

I found this cute country shelf at GW about 3 weeks ago and it just caught my eye with the heart cutouts, the mesh on the doors and the cute knobs.  It was a forest green color but that definitely does not match my decor so yup, you guessed it!!  Out came the paint and now it is transformed into a black color but I'm still debating on if I want to leave it as is, or distress the edges.  Hmmmmm that is the question of the day!!  lol

So here it is hanging on my wall......

Along with the cute knobs....

And now decorated!!!  :)  The master bedroom is slowly coming together!!  And I'm loving it!!

Plus a cute little plaque I threw together to hang from the wooden peg :)

I also found this little shelf at GW around the same time and this is how it ended up :)

So since I already had a few decorations on the wall in the first place, I decided to just put up a few for now on the wall on the top shelf and now I've got more room to decorate more knick knacks on the other shelfs and pegs!!  Wow I love creating new space for my projects don't you? 

I also did up this quick and easy sign to add to a pretty boring wall.  This one is for my sweet husband of almost 11 years :)  Love him!!

I also did up a little burlap covered glass votive and put some ribbon on it and will put it on the shelf but it's still wet.  lol

You may ask, how am I getting all these done on a Monday when I work I bet.  Well the truth is, my contract is coming to an end as of Wednesday for a few weeks so I have nothing to do and I'm working from home today and tomorrow so in between getting things cleaned up, I take little breaks and get some crafting in :)

Have a fabulous Monday girls/gals and enjoy!!

Hugs ~ Laura

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nook Chairs - ME Monday's

Happy Monday!!  I am sharing my cute ME Monday cushions I just made.  Vicki at Cherry Chick is hosting this for today and I wanted to share these :)  She posts the cutest things.    Please hop on over to see all the cute items people have posted at Cherry Chick

I decided I needed some new cushions on the chairs to pull things together in the nook.  Very quick and simple and I think they turned out so cute :)
The shot from the top isn't the greatest but you'll get the idea from the back shot :)  I love the little ties on the back.

Basic sewing project, quick and simple.  Don't you just love it when things come together???

Have a great day!

xo ~ Laura

Master Bedroom Makeover - Part 1

Happy Sunday!!  So I have been wanting to do some things with our bedroom as it was pretty drab.  I started off hanging one of my vinyl signs and shelf redo and that started everything rolling.  I didn't want to repaint the walls and my husband didn't want me to either as he liked the green but it definitely needed a bit of an update.  Here it was before I started changing the fabrics.........

I do have plans to get rid of the ugly black lacquer and mirror headboard in the near future and have my eyes posted for something I have in mind but until I find it, have to work around it I guess.  If only money grew on trees!!!  lol  The chest at the end of the bed still hasn't been finished so that's another project in itself.  Need to get a new cushion cover now too.  This is where my pom's love to lay lol.  That is their territory I guess so have to make that pretty for them too.

I plan on making a new skirt for it, maybe do something with the curtains too, hmmmmm who knows.  You'll just have to wait and see I guess!!  So little by little it is coming together.  Still a lot of work to do but in time I will make it :)  I've got plans to update those darn lamps too!! 

Well have a great day!!

xo ~ Laura

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun little projects

Hi!!  Well I was a little bored tonight so decided to work on a few more projects.  Remember those blocks that I found for $.49 cents the other day, well I'm in the process of re-doing them and had to give you a sneak peek on what I'm doing with one of them :)  I'm having a lot of fun doing the ribbon flowers that Connie at  SHADY CREEK LANE shared, now I can't quit experimenting!  This one is a very narrow ribbon and didn't know exactly how well it would do but it turned out really cute!

The other fun project I did was for my youngest daughter.  She just moved into her own place the 1st of May and she told me that she had wanted to buy some cookie cutters and I told her that I had tons of them so I had a medium size jar I bought at Goodwill for $.99 cents, filled it with different colors of the cutters, brought out my Cricut and then cut out fabric and ribbon that I already had and here is my little $1.00 gift to her.  So cute!!

Well I'd better sign off now and get some sleep.  I'll have more time tomorrow to finish up a few more projects.


xo ~ Laura

Window Redo!

Happy Saturday!!  I hope that all of you are having a fabulous weekend and enjoying time with your families and hunting for treasures and crafting away :)  I know I am!!

So yesterday I posted that I had found some fabulous finds when I was out.  Remember this window???

Well I used a brown over it and watered it down giving it an older feeling and then sanded the edges to give it a more worn look.  I know, the picture doesn't do it justice at all but anyway, here is what I did with it!  This is our wedding picture from 9/9/99, yes it is easy to remember and the funny thing is, my husband chose the date!!  Guess he didn't want to forget it either lol!!!  We had it in a frame but we didn't really have anywhere special to display it so I thought I know!!  Yup that's right!!  Take a look at this one!!  I love how it turned out!! 

I also made a few throw pillows with some material to throw in a little more color to our neutral leather couches.  Cute cute!!!

Oh ya, I almost forgot!!  Remember the rooster from yesterday's post??  Well the chalkboard needed a little redo but the rooster was perfect so here is what I did with him!!

This was the message I had on it last night for my hubby when he got home from work :)

Have a great day and enjoy!!

xo ~ Laura

Friday, June 25, 2010


Hi!!  Well today is the first day I've been out treasure hunting and it must have been my lucky day as I either found sales going on in the store, or some great finds at the thrift/GW stores.  I'm SOOO excited!!  This will definitely fill up my week projects that's for sure.  So... do you want to see my little treasures??  OK...  So here is the overall picture and I'll break them down as we go.

This is a little table I found at the thrift store, very cute detail on the sides and perfect to hold my Cricut.  I'm going to get a few baskets for underneath and it will be perfecto.  I will probably paint it too...  lol

Then I found these cute blocks for $.49 cents each that I will put little candles in after I redo them and this absolutely adoreable Rooster Chalkboard!!  They had him at $7.99 but got him half off so what a bargin!!  I love him!!!

Then I stopped by GW because I had to drop off some boxes for my daughter so I figured well I'm here, so lets just pop in and if something catches my eye and the price is right, I'll splurge ;)  Honestly I don't think I've ever gone into GW and not came out with something but it sounded good right?  lol

So I found this cute window frame, which I already have in mind what I'm going to do with it.

Found this cute mirrored wallhanging with pegs and think I know what I'm going to do with this.....

Then I found these cute unfinished little crates that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with but I'm sure I can figure something out lol.

Then I found these 2 plates.  The large red one (in the first picture to the right) will be used for Christmas and the smaller one will be finished to use for Valentines Day!!

Then I had to run to the store to get a few things and I've been keeping an eye out for a new bedroom quilt and I scored on this one!!  It is being washed but I'll let you see the "Before Shot" now and you'll have to come back to see the "After".  All I can say is that our bedroom is coming together too.  This is SOOO much fun!!

Oh OK... I'll give you a hint.... but that's it!!

So my damage for my treasure hunting today, $60 but that also includes my other treasures that you will be seeing at a later date so stay tuned!!

Have a great day!! 
xo ~ Laura

Basket Lining

Happy Friday!!  Wow!!  It is just amazing me on how many things you can find around your house that can add that little "cuteness" that has been neglected for so long.  I'm loving just sitting back, looking around on what and how I can change things in the house.  It is feeling so much warmer and I just love it!! 

I had this little basket sitting on the hearth of the fireplace with some scented pine cones in it.  Well I've seen so many cute baskets on the different blogs and in the store so I said I have the fabric so let's do it!

So here it is.  Just a simple inside cover with a cute red bow :)

So I'm off work today so it's off to find some treasures :)  Wish me luck lol!!

Have a great day!

xo ~ Laura

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority!

Hi!  This was actually very fun.  I came across a blog today Bloggerette Sorority Sisters and with all the wonderful friends that are out there, that I am getting to know I wanted to share this also.

It was very simple but I'm sure you can get very very creative.  Karen did a great job on hers!  I just printed the picture out in black/white and put it on this plate.  It's actually cute :)

Hope you enjoy!


Nook Light Redo

Happy Thursday!!  So little by little, I'm starting to get everything coordinated in my kitchen nook area with bringing my pop of color in.  We have this light, yet very plain and blue mind you, hanging over our small table in the nook area.  My husband doesn't want me to paint the shade so I will honor his wish on that and the solutions is!!!  To cover it in fabric so I can change it as my mood guides me.  lol!!  I have never done this before so let's just see how this one turns out :) So here is the before

And here is the after!!   I am also working on some chair cushions to blend it all together so stay tuned :)

I'm kinda lovin it :)  Have a great day!!

xo ~ Laura

Cute and easy projects

Hi there!  So I had 2 lonely stars that were just needing something hanging from their hooks so I pulled out my Dollar Store wood hearts, gave them a coat of red spray paint, printed up some vinyl words, embelished them and now they have a new home for the Summer :)

I just love it when you can do easy projects and see instant gratification don't you???  :)

I am also working on these cute and tiny boxes.  Not exactly sure what I'll do with them quiet yet but I'm sure I can find a happy home for them too.  Yes, another Dollar Store find!!  These are 2 boxes that stack inside of each other and so cute!!

Have a great day and happy creating!!

xo ~ Laura

P.S.  So I put a thin coat of white spray paint on the boxes and wanted to have the affect that some of the brown comes through, cut out a few vinyl stars and added a few buttons and now I can put these with my 4th of July decorations!!  Love it!!

Have fun creating!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friend in need

This article was posted on a blog that I follow and wanted to pass this on. Cathy and Rick are requesting prayers for their only child/daughter. Please keep Heather in your prayers and if you know of anyone who may be able to be a donor and lives in the Michigan area, please contact Arlene listed below.

Heather needs someone with O blood type (either negative or positive) who is willing to be tested to be a live liver donor. To learn more about donating please call the Henry Ford transplant coordinator Arlene Helms 313-916-9882 on behalf of Heather Erickson.

Please take the time to check out Cathy’s blog and keep Heather in your prayers.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Trash to Treasure

Happy Tuesday!!  So I had a very busy day at work and am just exhausted but couldn't allow myself to go to bed this early so what do you do after having a 4 hour straight meeting that is intense the entire time and your brain is going a mile a minute when you get home?  Well you get creative and relax!!  :)

I am getting much better at looking at everything now and getting ideas on what all I can do with them.  On Father's Day, one of the things that was made for the BBQ was baked beans, well of course right!  lol  So I instantly thought when opening the can, hey I know exactly what I can do with this one.  My Daughter-In-Law looked at me like I was crazy for a minute until I explained my plan lol.

So yes it is a few days later, but the can was all cleaned and just calling my name tonight to "make me pretty".  You may be thinking..... now what on earth is she wanting to do with it???  Well let me tell you :)  I always wash my paint brushes out in the kitchen sink, then I end up laying them on the back part of it and let them dry.  Do I pick them up usually when they are dry?  I have to confess, no I don't.  They usually sit there until I need them next.  SOOOOOO this is what I did with my can.

Now isn't that a much nicer thing to look at vs. laying there boring looking?  And so there you have it.  A quick and simple fix to your cans.  Pretty storage :)  What did it take?  An empty can, a few pieces of scrap paper, ribbon and Mod Podge.  Simple and easy!!

Have a great night and I must now unwind the rest of the way as morning is going to come much too early and I still have an hour drive into work.

xo ~ Laura

Rednesday Frame

Happy Rednesday!!  So I am posting this a few hours early as I have to get up bright and early tomorrow to head into the office.  Wow am I ever going to need coffee again in the morning.  lol  I had found this red frame at Goodwill a few weeks ago and wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it but I thought since our main bathroom is done up in yellow, browns with touches of red, it would go perfect in there.  So I wanted to leave the frame as it was as it was already a little distressed which was perfect and since I want everything peaceful in my home, I thought this is it!!

I've got a bit of a country cowboy theme going on so decided lets carry that through :)  Quick and simple and just love it!!

Have a great day!!  Happy creating :)

Hugs ~ Laura

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thrift Store Shadow Boxes

Well good evening!!  I was able to work on a few crafts tonight and play with some different materials with my vinyl.  I found these little shadow boxes at a Thrift Store and bought all 5 of them for $4!!  Now you can't pass that up.  I wanted a little wallhanging in the guest bedroom so put this together.

Love having quick and easy projects were you can enjoy them immediately!!  :)  I have a few bigger projects that I will be working on but you will have to check back to see what they are lol

Well it's been a very long day and so it's time to head to bed as I have to get up bright and early and go into the office tomorrow vs. work from home.

Have a great evening!!

xo ~ Laura

Dollar Store Crafts

Happy Tuesday!!  I was reading on the blogs and found this cute idea so thought I'd try it out.  Can't go wrong for $2 right?  Sorry I didn't get the blog site but my computer decided to shut down on me and I hadn't save it yet :(  But whomever did this before, it was such a cute idea so I tried it!!

You can find these at the Dollar store.  I roughed it up some before spray painting it.

Bought a small bag of rocks, so yes we're at $2 and I had some red votive candles already and all done :)

Quick and simple but yet elegant at the same time.  I didn't get any of the glass holders, and still may but they only had tiny ones that wouldn't work but you get the idea.

I also had these candles from the Dollar store and wanted to play with some vinyl.  I've got these done and took less than 2 minutes and wanted to put it in the main bathroom and then put one in the livingroom so here they are :)  Fits right in with the country theme around the house.  Vinyl star and a little horseshoe and there you have it!

Well have a great day and keep it simple :)

xo ~ Laura