Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mini Girls Get-A-Way

Howdy!  I hope that all of you are having a fabulous weekend so far.  I've been taking it easy today as I've been doing heavy duty cleaning in our master bathroom and redoing some things.  Kind of tired lol.

Last weekend I was able to get away to the beach with a girlfriend of mine last weekend and we had a wonderful time.  I wish I had a home there so I could just enjoy it day to day.  We were fortunate to use a friends home and it was cute as all get out.

Everything was so comfy and relaxing you just wanted to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

I fell in love with the kitchen and loved the countertops.  This is one of my "to do's" is to get granite one of these days lol.

A few from the kitchen into the livingroom, which also had a big deck where we sat and had our girlie drinks and enjoyed every sip :)

Woke up early and sat and had my coffee before my girlfriend woke up.  So peaceful....the only way to start your day :)  Very special for me also it would have been Dad's 85th birthday so what a great way to celebrate for him.

This is a shot a few minutes from the house at the jetty.  It was gorgeous down there that day and even got into the 80's which is unusual for our beaches here in Washington.

We couldn't believe how many deer we saw down there and they are definitely not afraid of human's that's for sure.  This Momma had both of her babies right there and they still were tiny and had their spots.

Well think that is enough for now as I don't want to bore you with too many pictures as we took tons!!  It is so nice even to just get away for a few days and think we all should do it more often.  I was amazed on how I still feel so relaxed and peaceful.  This trip started me on a re-do for both of my bathrooms.  I've got a new color I'm loving so stay tuned lol.

Have a great rest of the weekend!! 
xo ~ Laura