Thursday, July 26, 2012

Floor is done :)

Howdy!  Well after working by myself I "FINALLY" finished all the floor and got everything moved back into the room.  It was a lot of work but definitely so worth it.  I loved how it turned out and I'm back in there crafting away now lol.  So lets do a little recap on where we started.

Below is the "before" and I had pretty much removed a lot of the furniture when I took these.  Yucky nasty carpet!!  I decided I was even going to wash the curtains too.  I figured hey, if I'm going to do it, do it right :)

The the ripping and tearing began and with each piece, I was so glad to get that out of there.  It has been in our house for 10 years and it was only 5 year carpet and it was destroyed trust me.

Once I got all of the carpet out and tack strips up, cleaned it really good and got it prepped, the transformation started.

Well after many hours on my hands and knees, I am happy to report that I have laid my very first floor all by myself and I love being in the room now :)  Slow and steady was my motto lol.

So what else have I been up to lately since I finished this project?  Well in exactly 13 days, we will have a reveal happening with #7 grandbaby......

Stay tuned for the reveal on my birthday, August 8th!  You can't receive any better birthday present than being there to find out first hand what this little sweetie will be.  Once I find out, I will put the date on the "correct" block I made with the date and it will go into her memory journey I'm doing for her.

Have a great day!!

Happy crafting!

xo - Laura


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

"her"? :)

guessing, or do you know?

the floor looks great! take a minute to tap yourself on the back!