Saturday, June 9, 2012

Enjoying the week??

Howdy!!  I hope that all of you are having a wonderful week so far and either relaxing, spending time with friends and family, crafting or just making memories.  The weather around the PNW has been a pretty sunny these past few days which has given me lots of energy to work on things :)   Around here, you take advantage of the nice weather when you get it lol.

Went and got my errands done and I scored a few things so thought I'd show you.  I absolutely love this box!!  It is a little harder to tell in the picture but it has the tin on the front with the start.  Absolutely loving it and it was on sale.....and discounted another 50% so yay!!  I couldn't have purchased all the material for what I paid for this trust me so I am a happy girl.  It is pretty big actually and at first I thought hmmmm I can put my magazines in there but it's a little too bit I think so I'll have to figure something awesome out for it.  Any ideas??  It measures  about 12" high x 18" long.

Then found this cute plate and I loved the raised starts on it.  Not sure if I will put vinyl on it or a many choices lol.

Here is one of my projects I did from my wood the other day.  I love how it turned out but think I may put some vinyl on it also with a saying.  I wanted the staggered look for the edges to give it the look like it was kind of flowing in the air.  But hey, it was fun and I am enjoying myself.
Stay tuned for more projects.  See I told you that I'm back and having fun doing what I love to do!! 

Have a great rest of the week and happy crafting!

xo ~ Laura