Friday, August 19, 2011

Switching things up


Well I can honestly say I am SO glad it is Friday now and the start of what I'm hoping will be a relaxing weekend.  This darn cold is driving me nuts!!  I basically quarantined myself at work today so that I didn't pass it on to anyone else because I'm careful about that.  Disinfected everything!!!  I just wish others would be that considerate but what can you do. 

I was able to work on these cute magnets when I got home.  I found the idea over at Midwestern Sewing Girls blog and thought these would be fun stocking stuffers for Christmas.  I plan on giving some to the kids and also my ex so that they can display them on their fridge.  I had printed out a lot of extra pictures from Carissa and Brandon's wedding album so was able to use them.  I found these 6 pack of magnets at Target in the dollar section so why not play around right?
Take the portion of the picture you want and put the magnet right over that spot and trace around it.  You could also use an craft knife also if you want.  Whatever is easiest for you.  Then use Mod Podge over the top of the magnet, put the picture on top of that and press it down and another coat of the Mod Podge and let dry.  Here are different stages below.  I used the gloss one and it turned out great!
 When dried, put them up on your refridgerator!  Simple and fun to have :)

That was a quick project and wanted to move some things around, or add some new decor on my shelves in our livingroom so here is this switch up :)  Added my wine crate and put a few knick knacks in it, added the vase (had used it for the wedding) with some green silk plants.  Done :)
 Moved the plate around and added my painted watering can.  Not really doing it for me so will have to think about this one more lol.
Added a mirror window frame that I had painted and one of my old glass jars.  Looks much better on top of this cabinet now.  The advantage of having vaulted ceilings in my house :)

Well it is time to go relax and take it easy and drink some more hot water with lemon and honey to curb this darn cough.  Hope it clears up soon!!

Happy crafting and have a good evening!!

xo ~ Laura