Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My back is hurting, maybe time to treat myself???

Good Evening!!

So I had another good day at work even though things decided to be breaking left and right.  They say techology is supposed to make things easier right?  Well I think I need to tell my company (The biggest software company) things aren't right yet lol :)

Warning....quiet a few pictures so grab some coffee while you browse :)

I came home and wanted to work more on the wedding album I'm doing up for the kids.  Am making some good progress.  8 pages done tonight (and mind you that has 2 sides to each page) and the vinyl is done.  Here is what the cover looks like and I love it!!  This is the title of "their" very first song they dedicated together and it stuck even through the wedding so I thought it was perfect for the front of this :)

Here are the pages I've gotten done.  Please excuse some of the blurry ones.  My camera wasn't wanting to cooperate tonight either.  See, another technology issue ;-)

This is inside the front cover.  Thought it was very fitting as one of the sentences in the song is the fairytale princess :)
Next up.....where it all began the day of the wedding.  Yes, Wine & Roses Country Estate

The prepping of the bride
It is kind of hard to see in the picture but the upper left picture is the one where I was putting on the necklace my Dad gave her and right next to it is a decoration of 2 white doves.  If you've followed my blog, you know that Carissa and I love this symbolic birds, very near and dear to our hearts.
The beautiful bride.....picture perfect :)
Now onto the handsome guys....if you haven't figured it out yet, or make out the decorations I put on the pages, I'm telling you what they say lol.
The Groom and his Guys
Beautiful Girls ~ we noticed after she got all the pictures back that they didn't get as many pictures of the bridesmaids, and none individually with Carissa.  The guys dominated the pictures :(
Unconditional Love ~ Remember when.  I love this page.
The starting of the wedding.  These next few pages actually have parts of the ceremony typed out from exactly what the Pastor was saying.  This page is who gives this woman to this man in marriage.....
The Vows
The exchanging of rings....the exact words also :)
The lighting of the Unity Candle with the meaning behind what it means.  How fun is that huh!!  I know we all forget every last word we said when we got married so that is where I came up with the idea of this on the pages.

The Kiss and announcing Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Morris
So that is what I've gotten completed so far.  I figured I have to do 8-10 pages a night to have this finished for them by the time they get back on Sunday.  Wish me luck :)

Have a great night!!  Happy Crafting!!

xo ~ Laura