Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outside Window

Well back to reality today and have to deal with the rest of the work week as I didn't win lotto lol.  It is supposed to be a gorgeous week with sunny skies and I'll be loving that.  That is the only perk of having to work so early is I get home with plenty of sunshine to enjoy still :) 

OK so I had given a tease before about doing something outside on the shed with one of my old windows that I received for free many months ago.  I knew which one I wanted to use as the frame had come lose and I knew I needed to take the glass out as I didn't want to take the chance of it breaking if it got really windy so that is the perfect one.

So I pulled up the broken piece, gently started to pull the glass out and only to find out it wasn't glass after all!!  It was like a clear plexiglass!!  That shocked me lol but I still took it out as I had something in mind.  I didn't do anything else to the window frame as it was already chipped with paint and only partially painted and I thought perfect!!  I pulled out 2 of my red metal stars, 2 of my wood moose cut outs and a think wood plank and fired up my Cricut!!  The kids had gotten me a new cartridge for Mother's Day and I've been itching to use it as it is the outdoor wildlife one.  Personally I think they had a motive when they got it as it has hunting/fishing animals in it and I think they were hinting to me to make them something for their house lol!!!  So without further ado..........................................

Like it???  I do :-)  Larry thought it was cute and gave that corner of the yard some character.  We both laughed because our "moose" is our oldest dog....he's 9 yrs old and pretty plump and we occasionally call him our little moose lol.

Hope you are having a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


gail said...

that window is so darn cute! I love how it looks on your shed!
very clever!