Sunday, July 3, 2011

Need to slow down!!

This weekend has been an extremely busy one for me.  Saturday I had a birthday present to drop off to my oldest granddaughter, had to drop off a friends daughter little sweater she left at the wedding and then off to my youngest daughter's as we (my ex, Larry and I) got Brandon and Carissa a new washer/dryer for their wedding gift.  The one they had took forever to wash and dry the clothes.  So while I was waiting, nice Mom that I am, I decided to clean up their house so when they came home today they would have a clean house.  Carissa called me and was so excited about her washer/dryer and the house being cleaned so now they can relax tomorrow and she can play with their new "toys".

Then this morning I was up early to drive down to my Mom's house as we have been cleaning it out from top to bottom, painting and washing everything down.  Major cleaning let me tell you.  It takes me 1 1/2 hours to get down there so it was a very long day but got some good things accomplished.  I have to say though the drive was beautiful :)

She is going to love it :)  While wiping down all the furniture and going through all the knick knacks, I found some really "OLD" stuff which was a lot of fun!!  Here are a few fun things I found :)

Lots of old collectable glass, a candy dish that was my grandmother's from the late 1920's to early 1930's and in very good condition, the jar to the far left has sand in it from when Mom and Dad took a trip to Hawaii for their 25th wedding anniversary.
Look at the silver mirror and comb set!!  It look like it i for babies or something as it is only about 3" long ~ so cute!!
We had to move everything out of the house so we could rip up the carpet to make sure no dust and dirt is in the house due to Mom's lungs.  This old copper tub sits in the livingroom next to the wood stove with firewood.  I love it cause it has such character :)
Some original liniment is still in this jar.
So there are just a few things I found on my journey today.  Hope you enjoyed some of my finds :)  Have a wonderful evening!!

xo ~ Laura


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Sounds like you have been busy. It's no way to spend a holiday weekend!
But, the recipients of your good grace are worthy ones..... I hope your Mother does well once she gets home. Will you get her a cleaning lady? We got our parents one a few years ago and she is a Godsend. She comes every other week and they certainly appreciate her.
Best wishes to Carissa and Brandon as they start on their new journey.
Maybe going back to work will be recreation for you!