Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Bathroom Redo

Happy Monday!!

Man I wish this weather around Washington would make up its mind.  Warm one day and 20 degrees cooler and rain the next.  I'm just wanting a little warmth and consistency OK Mother Nature???  I know some of you out there are really fighting the extreme heat and if I could send you some of our cooler weather and swap it out for here I would.  I really would :)

My lily bush is blooming now and I love seeing what color it is going to be.  I bought the bulbs quiet a few years ago and the lady told me they change color every year.  I had never grown them before but I took her at her word lol.  Well you know what???  They do!!  Don't ask me the name of them because I can't remember lol but I love them and they are so pretty :)  This year they are a very light orange with yellow.  The pictures don't do it justice.

I have been wanting to change things up some in our bathroom and make it more rustic and country so here is a before shot.  Kind of boring I know.

Then here it is after adding a few new things I found.  Much better now don't you think??  I want to find something to hide the cleaning items and toilet bowl brushes.  Any ideas??? 

Here is a closer shot of my little decorations so you can see it better.  This first basket has a leather strap on it with some rivets.  Love it!
Here are my matching boxes that go with it.  My little Star candle holder actually has some cinnamon/vanilla beads in it and they smell so good!!!

Then on my one wall I had a picture I had done up when I first got my Cricuit.  It did the trick to fill the wall but now that I know more what I'm doing I changed it all out. 

I had found some chocolate color burlap awhile ago so to keep with the country/rustic theme, I put my vinyl directly on the burlap.  Not my favorite thing to do as it is a lot harder to get it transferred but it does work, especially if you have patience.  A few leftover rose buds from Carissa's wedding and one of my metal rustic stars and much better!!  I think one of these days I will try to make a new frame for it out of old weathered wood.  That would be perfect them :)  How about that, I gave myself another project on my To Do list. 
Well that is it for me tonight.  I need to get some dinner cooking before the hubs gets home from work.  That is one nice thing with our shifts, I have about 4 hours of "me" time when I get home from work before he gets here so on the days I'm not too tired I get to play.  Yay!!!

Have a fabulous evening and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


gail said...

I'll gladly swap weather with ya! :)
great job on the bathroom. I really like that rustic basket with the leather handle! cute!

Connie said...

I hear you about the weather, it stinks for being the middle of July. Before we know it it will be October and steady rain for 6 months. I don't usually complain too much about the weather but good grief, a little summer weather would go a long way around here.

Have a great week.


Proper Prim said...

Oh Laura be careful what you wish for... you really don't want this heat it is a killer.

Thursday is going to be 99F, now that is just plain crazy for our area. We need rain so desperately right now... I haven't cut my grass in two weeks because it is turning to straw.

Cute makeover in the potty room. I love your little rustic basket.

Maybe you could find a nice rustic wooden box to hide all your cleaning stuff in. I wish I was closer I would come and build you one.

You have a great week sweetie... I am blowing some of that hot air your way in more ways than one... lol.

Big hugs... Deb