Thursday, July 14, 2011

Continual Prayers for Baby Gavin


I realized I had asked for prayers for a friends grandson a few weeks ago and never posted an update.  He is still hanging in there but still in ICNU.  His first surgery was a frightening one as it was a 3 part surgery and the first 2 procedures went smooth but when they had to put the stent into the valve he went into cardiac arrest and they worked on him for 30 minutes but was able to bring him back.  He had to have surgery again yesterday as his open heart surgery incision was infected so they had to open him back up again and clean him out and put the drain tubes back in him.  He has improved since then some and they are slowly feeding him through a tube a little more at a time and he seems to be tolerating it.

This is beautiful baby Gavin.  He was born a little over 3 weeks ago and has already had 3 surgeries already so please pray for him.  They are talking now about the option of a heart transplant if he doesn't tolerate being off all the machines.

His parents, Shannon and Shaun have been with him the entire time staying in the special family rooms, trading off getting some sleep while the other is in with Gavin.  They are exhausted but hanging in there.  I know this is very hard on all the family as they also have a 3 yr old daughter Macie who is staying with Shaun's parents.

Please keep Gavin in your daily prayers that he gets better and that he doesn't maybe have to get the heart transplant.  He is such a strong little boy and such a blessing.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

xo ~ Laura


Amy said...

O my, poor little guy! I have already said a prayer before this comment. GOD hears prayers as light as whisper.