Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Merry Go Rounds

Happy Humpday!! you ever feel like you're on a merry go round and things just don't stop but you want to get off?????  Well that is exactly how I feel right now lol.  It has been crazy at work and the stress levels are off the charts due to a lot of changes going on.  How long will this continue????  It may end sooner than later due to these changes but we'll see so in the meantime I decided I wanted to get off and slow down some.  So what did I decide to do???  Well I'll give you a quick hint lol.

Yup.....I decided to surprise my hubby for our 12th anniversary in September and we're flying off to Indio California!!!  This is one of our timeshares and we'll be spending 4 nights here in warmth and sunshine and couldn't be more excited!!  After all that has been happening this past year I decided no more putting off traveling so this is the start to rejuvinating again :)

So other than being busy at work, I have been doing a few small projects when I get home to unwind a little.  This was something very special to me that I found when I was down at Mom and Dad's house a few weeks ago getting the house back in order for Mom.  I found my Dad's and Grandpa's Army papers!!  So I wanted to bring them home and frame them and will also put Dad's Veteran's flag with them.  These are very special and I cherish them.  I know it may not be very exciting for you but during Dad's last 6 month's of life, we had many many chats about his army days and what all he did.  With seeing the actual certified military papers with his signatures, his memories of our chats mean even more :)

I will be framing them and finding a special place in the house for all of these.  Oh man I miss him so much.  On August 4th, he would have turned 84 so my goal is to have this done by then in honor of him.  I can't believe it has been 8 months already since he passed.  I don't think that void will ever be filled in my heart.

I found a temporary fix for my cleaning supplies in our master bathroom.  This at least makes them blend in more with some of my new items lol.  I had this crate and it was actually red and sitting outside on my porch so I decided to give it a few coats of paint, let the red bleed through some to give it the older look at it turned out pretty good :)

What's next on my agenda???  Another redo lol.  Stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful evening and rest of the week!!  Happy Crafting :)

xo ~ Laura


gail said...

yay! a vacation! wow! I need one, maybe going to disney with jamie (for her work) in sept? we'll see!

fabulous about the papers.... that will be such a special keepsake!
hope you have a super weekend!

Genie said...

My daddy was in WWI and I have all of his papers and old photos. They mean so much. I have never framed mine, but I really need to. Know you are going to have a great trip. We all deserve something like that every once in a while. Hope you are doing OK. Genie

Isabelle Thornton said...

You won on my blog but i never received your email to claim it.