Sunday, June 12, 2011



Well just when I thought I could get back into the swing of things, more things keep popping up.  OK I'm not complaining because I have my health and so does my family, we both have jobs and taken care of but seriously???  How much can a person take.  You may be asking oh what now girl lol.

Well a few weeks ago I somehow tweaked my wrist and it has been hurting on and off and then yesterday we were at my oldest daughter's house for one of the grandbabies birthday's and my hand and wrist were really swollen!  I tell you, getting older sometimes is the pits lol.  So I am icying it and have a wrist brace on it which totally takes away my mobility to do crafting that's for sure :(  Well it will be better soon I hope :)  OK enough whining about my aging body lol.

Today I received a call from my brother and found out that my Mom is now in the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia and her sugar level is off the charts so I'll be taking tomorrow off work and heading down to see her.  It does make it so much harder not having her close.  I thought I was done with hospitals after Dad got so sick and then passed.  Guess this is part of lifes cycle for me right now.  Can you say..... Laura you need a vacation???  :)

So anywho...what did the hubs and me do today?  Well since my wrist is hurt, he knew I couldn't use the shears to cut down my partially dead honeysuckle so outside he went like a real trooper :)  I love this man lol.  I didn't take a before picture but should have.   So this corner of the yard is is dire need of attention let me tell you!!  Please don't scream when you look at the pictures lol.

So behind this BBQ (trust me it doesn't work) used to be all the dead honeysuckle so Larry chopped it down while I supervised lol.  My "new" son told me last year he would haul the BBQ to the dump for me and as you can see it's still in my yard and I thought to myself, there has got to be something I can do with it lol.  So a few plants later and my wood box, here is where I've gotten so far.  I have a mini vision but it isn't all clear yet so you'll have to stay tuned for that one.

Now onto the "jungle" as we're calling it.  I haven't been able to weed and the dogs love going under this maple and of course barking at anything or anyone that is walking on the street.  As you can see it needs help and bad.  I'm hoping next weekend my wrist feels better to get under there and clean it back up.  Thank goodness this is my backyard and no one can really see it lol.

Now you may be wondering....why is she taking a picture of a shed?  Well because I have an idea and wanted to make you think and tease you a little bit lol so stay tuned :)
So I'm sorry I don't have anything special to posts but wanted to say hi and tell you yes....I'm still around lol.  Stay tuned for exciting things to be coming, especially when my old aging body starts behaving again and my Mom gets healthy.

Big hugs and have a fantastic week!!

xo ~ Laura


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom.
And your wrist..... It is hell getting older. I am living testimony to that.
Hope your week goes well.....

gail said...

Ouch! I wear a brace overnight, every night. :(
some days are better than others, that's for sure.
I hope your mom gets well really quickly! I'm glad you're able to go see her.
Look forward to seeing your new look (shed)