Monday, June 13, 2011

Very long day today....

Well today I went down to the hospital to visit my Mom and on my way down, about 10 minutes from the hospital, my cell phone rang and it was the hospital.  Let me tell you my heart just sank before answering it.  Funny how your mind just races when family members are ill.  She is having a very difficult time breathing right now as she has pneumonia in both lungs so the Dr. put her on a CPAP to see if that would help and she's been on it all day and all evening so far.  It has helped her but my heart just broke when I got in there.  They had given her a sedative and she was resting and when she heard my voice, she looked and just grabbed my hand and the look in her eyes just about made me lose it.  She looked so scared :(  I calmed her down and said it's OK, just rest and let the machine help you breath.  I'll be back down at the hospital tomorrow to talk to the Dr. to see what the results were from the tests and xrays today.

Whenever Dad was sick and in the hospital, he always had his teddy bear (Ole Gus) that Carissa had given him.  I've posted pictures of him, which Carissa now has in her position after Dad's passing.  So what did I get Mom for this hospital stay?  This is LuLu.  Her eyes just lit up :)

So after a long day at the hospital and an hour drive both ways, I came home and made some homemade mac & cheese which is in the oven waiting for my hubs and started to work on a few crafts.  It is amazing how theraputic it is for me.  It makes me happy and keeps my mind occupied.  Here are a few sneak peaks of what I'm working on tonight and will finish up tomorrow, at least with one of them.

Hope you are all having a wonderful evening.  Big hugss!!!!!!!!!

xo ~ Laura


Proper Prim said...

Oh wow am I behind... sorry I haven't been visiting, I know you will understand. Hope your wrist is feeling better soon. Maybe you have some carpal tunnel going on there young lady as I know you live on a keyboard. You are right it is the pits when your body won't co-operate with your mind... mine thinks it is 20 but my body reminds me everyday that is not Hope your Mom is on the mend soon.. hang in there sweetie. Found two pennies yesterday so I know our friend is listening... xo. Thinking about you buddy... hopefully things will get a bit easier for you SOON.

Big Hugs, Deb xo

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I am just glad you were there when she really needed you. I'm sure you helped her a lot with your presence.
Please keep us updated on her condition. Prayers are being offered for both of you. Perhaps your Dad is watching over the situation and all will be according to plan.
Big hugs;))