Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finished :)


Carissa and I went down to the hospital today and she wanted to see her also as she doesn't want to miss the opportunity to spend as much time as she can with her too.   Missed another day of work which hurts as I have no PTO time left but there isn't anything that can replace Mom and her needs so its all good.  Mom looked so much better today!  She had a very rough night on the CPAP machine and it was going off every 15 minutes so they have changed her to a different breathing machine which seems to be working much better.  The Dr. came in and said yesterday's xrays were showing pneumonia in the left lung so they are watching that very closely.  Her oxygen level keeps dipping down so they have her confined to bed which is a good thing.  If you knew my Mom at all, she doesn't like having to stay in one place lol.  It was good to see her feeling a little better and she was having us all laughing as she is quiet the character.  She said hey, you might as well make the best of things and laugh right?  Yup, that's Mom :)

Tomorrow I will go back into work and just stay in touch with the Dr. and her via the phone.  I can't miss anymore work this week.  Man....where is that lucky Lotto ticket???  :D

I finished one of the projects tonight and loved how it turned out.  Here is a picture frame we've had up for 9 years and as you can see it was even missing a picture or two here and there.  I just never did anything with it.  How boring huh!!!

Well here is my frame now and I love it!!!!  A little vinyl and a few embelishments and ta da!!    Now how is this for country :)  Aw, much better huh!!  I think I'm going to do one up like this for special cards like birthdays and Christmas too.  I have a new passion...chicken wire lol :)

Still working on the other one that I posted about on Monday.  It will be a gift so I'm taking extra special care with it lol.

Have a wonderful evening and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


gail said...

Your new project looks great! Chicken wire is so tough to work with.
I hope your mom gets better with each passing day.
take care of yourself!
ps catching this project next week!