Friday, June 24, 2011


Happy Friday!!

OK so I left you with a tease the other day on what on earth I was doing with those pinecones.  I wanted to display them and in a festive manner with the red, white and blue so I got out my sparkle glue and started decorating.  Unfortunately the pictures don't do them justice but they are so darn cute in person!!

I then wanted to display then in a doiley bowl that I made.  So simple to make these and so darn cute!!  First off find a few doiles, get some fabric stiffner and soak them until saturated.
Pour it in a container.  I did just a shallow pan I had from the Dollar Store.  I wasn't sure if it would take off the finish but it didn't :)  It cleans up easy too so no worries.
The place your doiley in the mixture and start getting it very saturated until it is very wet.  Once that is completed you can get ready for the molding part.
I took two different size bowls and put plastic wrap over them so that when they were finished drying they don't stick to the bowl itself and the plastic is easy to take off.  Just a nice hint ;-)  Lay them gently over the bowls and mold them how you'd like them to be.  I gave one of them a scalloped edge as I thought that would be cute.
Let them totally dry and then when you peel them off the bowl you have this!!  I should have let mine dry overnight just to be sure they were totally hardened but got impatient so they flattened out :(  Well I can redue them but at least you can see what my idea was lol.

Have a great day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura