Sunday, June 19, 2011

Power Outage

First off, wishing all the wonderful and special Dad's a very Happy Father's Day!!  Today I really have been missing Dad.  They say the first holiday's without them are the toughest and I think that is true.

This morning I woke up about 7:45 a.m. (oh yes I love the weekends) only to find out the power was out.  Well thank goodness Larry had gotten up a little earlier and we at least had a fresh pot of coffee.  So I instantly thought this is definitely putting a crimp in my plans for Father's Day as I had a nice breakfast planned for him but that didn't happen.  So what exciting things did we do while we were without power for 9 hours?  Well I got the house cleaned up and then Larry reminded me I could always go clean up my craft room that I'd been neglecting lol. When he gives me that cute grin with his dimples showing I can't really resist lol.   I thought oh nice......well I suppose.

So off I went and decided to pull EVERYTHING out of the closet and corners where things were stashed and this is how I started it all off.  Now be prepared.........WARNING!!!  THIS IS NOT PRETTY!!!  lol

So off to  organizing I went.  I had already bought a bunch of plastic totes but hadn't done anything with them so after 3 straight hours, my closet and craft room looks much better.  I'm excited to not have to sit there where did I put that?  Does that ever happen to you????  Please tell me it does :)

Up on the top shelf and all labeled :)  Even have a few empty ones and room for more if I need :)

The totes down below.  Love these as if I need to bring them out they are on wheels so perfect!!

And now I can walk again in my craft room!!  Yay!!  It needs to stay this way now lol.

So then 2 of the kids came over with their spouses and 2 of the grandkids to give Larry some gifts and I was able to sit down and visit with them for awhile.  Carissa was sweet as she had called and I had told her that our power was out and so she walked in with 2 coffees for us :)  Yay!!  Hey, you can never have to much coffee here on the weekends at our house.  After they left I was famished from really not eating all day due to the change of plans (stupid power.....still don't know what happened and probably won't) so I decided to make  up for not doing breakfast.  This was Larry's special Father's Day dinner.  Yummmm!!!  I devoured mine before he finished which is really unusual.  I told you I was hungry!!  hahahahaha

I have tomorrow off as I have my last day of Jury Duty.  Hoping it was like a few weeks ago and nothing planned for the docket as I could use another day to just relax and have some fun.  I have a few more craft projects I want to finish and start so here's hoping!!

Have a wonderful evening and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


Proper Prim said...

Oh wow, that room looks totally different now.

Yes I do that all the time... most of the time I end up buying it again only to find it later.

So glad you finally got your power back... 9 hours later... I would be looking into that one. That is just crazy and with no warning either.

Hope your day is a short one at jury duty and you get to play a bit... I can't believe it is Monday already, I was just starting to

Have a good one Laura... ttys...

Hugs, Deb

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Awesome change!
9 hours w/o power? I think I would have gone to the mall or some restaurant!

gail said...

super job girl! I need to de-clutter and organize soo many areas of my home. I've done a lot, but still a long road ahead.
glad you got off of jury duty early, you found some great stuff!