Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!!

Happy Sunday!!

Both Larry and I have been fighting a bug of some sort so we have been bunkered down for the weekend which is fine with us.  Since we won't be going out to any Superbowl parties, we decided to have one ourselves this year lol.  Hey why not right??  I did have to go out yesterday for two reasons.  First to do the weekly grocery shopping and the other was to go check on my baby girl (even though she's 20 she's still my baby) as she was having some health problems. On Thursday she was feeling some pain in her abdomen and one of the Dr.'s that is in her office sent her over for a KUB test and he did an ultrasound and found a kidney stone stuck in her urethra.  Ouch!!!  So she's been taking it very easy this weekend also keeping a close eye on it and the Dr. is on call in case some further signs show up. Very serious as she may have to get surgery to get it removed if it doesn't come out on its own :(   So she is pretty much couch bound so I decided to treat her to one of these trays so she can indulge.  Chocolate always helps make you feel better right???  :)  Well it looked so good I had to make us some also which is the picture below. 

For breakfast I decided to make these yummy rolls.  I found them over on Kara's blog but instead of bacon, I used ham.

Then for later, I made Larry some homemade burger sliders. 
Well you have to have munchies also right??? So I cheated on this one and bought it pre-made lol but that's OK :)

And then I just had to get these because it's Superbowl Sunday lol.  Yes, never let me out when I am not feeling 100% because you never know what I'm going to come up with hahahaha.  Hey wait a minute...there were 4 before so what happened???  Oh ya, Larry got to them before I got a picture lol.

Yummy stuff.

No crafting this weekend as I just didn't feel up to it.  Hope that you've had a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!!

Today's quote:  Friends are relatives you make for yourself.

xo ~ Laura


Hazel said...

Nice, looks like you have a good Super Bowl smorgasboard set That tray of chocolates looks so yummy!! Hope your daughter is better soon and is able to pass the stone.

Granny said...

Praying that your daughter's stone passes safely.

All the goodies look great, espeially the rolls. I checked out the blog you referred to. Have never heard of that brand of rolls. Wonder if some other kind could be substituted.

We watched the super bowl, just Grampy and I. I'm hot a football fan at all but enjoyed that game. :)