Monday, February 21, 2011

Final Flower Arrangement


I feel like I am in over drive right now and am on a mission to finish as much wedding items as I can.  I had already done a few other larger arrangements and just had one more to do which will go on the food table.  It turned out beautiful!!!  Her color scheme has been so easy to work with :)

Just a little bit at a time when I get home from work and I'm getting it done!!  Yay!!  She's informed me that in 90 days she is getting married.  No pressure huh lol.  Think she's a little excited???

I have been looking around for a flag shadow box for the Veteran's flag I received after Dad passed away and I was at Michael's and it was 40% off!!  So now it is safe and protected.  I am thinking I may put some vinyl on it but the jury is still out on it right now.  I have other things to focus on :)

Today's quote: not ask of me what you are not willing to do...

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!
xo ~ Laura


Proper Prim said...

Gorgeous Laura... you are missing your calling. Don't panic you will have it all done... I just have this gut feeling.

Nice you found a frame for you Dad's flag.

Love that quote... how true.

Have a good day and be safe.

Hugs, Deb

Granny said...

Everything will be finished in plenty of time for the wedding. You're on the ball in getting things together.

I wouldn't put anything on the flag frame. It's perfect the way it is.

Farmhouse prims said...

You really have a touch for flower arranging, beautiful!! The display box for your fathers flag is beautiful!!! Have a great day!

Connie said...

Oh goodness, I haven't been by for awhile, you have been VERY busy. Everything looks so wonderful for the wedding. I haven't got any of the iron on vinyl yet, I have heard it is great to work with.

Your spa days sound wonderful. I could just hear that waterfall. Ahhhhhh!