Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everyone needs "ME" time :)

Happy Sunday!!

How many times have all of us forgot about ourselves because we are busy with everyday life and caring so much for those we love????  I know I am very guilty of that and since my Dad passed away in December, I've now tried to make sure I take some "ME" time and pamper myself.  I try to do a pedicure (full blown one) with the hot rock massage at least once a month and also try to do a relaxation massage twice a month.  Granted I don't always succeed but with the help and gentle nudging of my hubs, I get one at least once a month.  Well Saturday was "MY" day :)

I ended up getting there about 20 minutes early and my masseuse was running a few minutes behind so I got to go into the relaxation room.  Love that room......soft cushy couches and the lights dimmed with this wonderful waterfall :)

Picture the water running down it, the sound and relaxing music.....starting to relax some yet????

Then when it was my time, I got to go into my very relaxing room, lights dimmed and my wonderful warmed table :)

You can just feel the stress melting away now huh :)  Can you say I'm in heaven right now????  So remember, take some "ME" time for yourself because you all deserve it too.

Have a fabulous day and happy crafting!!

Today's quote:  The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do.

xo ~ Laura


Proper Prim said...

That relaxed me so much I fell off my chair... hahaha... okay only kidding.

Good for you, I am happy you are taking the time to look after "you".

My benefits changed so I need a Doctor's note now to get one... but that is going to happen soon.
My neck needs it bad.

Hope you are having a great weekend... sun if finally shining her but we are bracing for a big storm coming through later today. I sure hope that weather guesser is wrong for this one, it is going to be a nasty.

Hugs, Deb