Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi there!!  Wow was I ever glad to know it was the end of the week yesterday as I have been busier than a cat on a hot tin roof at work and really needed a little down time this weekend!!  Got to sleep in a little this morning and have felt refreshed all day long :)

We are expected to get a little snow this weekend here in the PNW, yes again..... so we have a 94 Corolla that is now our Winter vehicle as my hubby got a 2009 Scion when we got our youngest daughter a 4Runner so she could get to work and not have to worry about her being stranded.  Yes, I guess it's a hand-me-down but he is thrilled as he hasn't ever had the "newest" vehicle in the family lol.  Bless his heart :)  So we decided to go get some good snow tires as the little tanker (that's what we call the Corolla lol) hasn't had new tires in quiet a few years.  I was cringing about the cost of tires but off we went.  Well when we got there they said it was going to be $500!!  Are you kidding me.... smaller tires with no studs even??  Well we were blessed as one of the guys working there said well we do have slightly used tires and that pair was purchased by some parents for their daughters car, drove it East of the mountains and what did she do a day after, yup totalled the vehicle so they asked if they could sell them back.  Well it was great for us as total bill only $269!!  Much better huh :)  We figured they are just going to really be used for the Winter so Yay!!!  Anywho..... got that handled and ran and did my weekly errands then came back home to play with some mini projects.

I don't really decorate to much for Valentines Day but wanted to do a few things so I made this very simple adoreable candle.

What do you think????  Yup.... Dollar Store items!!  I'm working on more but they aren't done yet so you'll have to wait a little for that lol.

I also wanted to keep my In Loving Memory ornament that my precious friend Deb had sent me after Dad passed away in December so I already had this hanger so now he sits up on my shelf along with my little piece I have of him :) 

Well just wanted to say Hi and now I'm off to work on a few more projects this evening.  Yup.... I'm in a real mood for fun tonight :)

Today's quote:
The strength of the heart comes from the soundness of the faith.

xo ~ Laura


Granny said...

That's a good deal on the tires. We always ask for take-offs when we go to buy tires. The candle is really cute. I love all the red and white decorations at Valentines day.

The little hanger is perfect for your dad's ornament. ((( Laura)))

Proper Prim said...

Your Dad looks great on the shelf Laura, with our Angel to keep him company... is that the shelf you just redid?

Love the little candle, I don't decorate for VD either.

Great deal on the tires, bonus for you. I just got new ones in the summer and they cost me the earth... believe me you got the deal of the century.

Have a great day sweetie... ttys

Hugs, Deb