Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peace on Earth


Well here it is a Tuesday night in the PNW and wow has it been a rainy and windy week!!  It is crazy around here.  Dodging tree limbs into work, being detoured due to trees down and water over the roads.  I'm ready for Summer now :)

I did up something so simple but so very precious to me tonight.  I had gotten some Christmas cards 2 years ago at Costco and never sent them out as I forgot I had them, go figure lol.  Well this year I got them out and went through them and hand picked which ones to send to whom.  Each one had a meaning behind it.  Well I had this very special one that has 2 doves on it.  As most of you already know, doves are very special to me and this Christmas they are even more special do to the honoring and celebrating of my Dad's life whom I just lost 2 weeks ago.  It is absolutely beautiful and what a better saying.......  "Peace on earth".

Here is a closer shot to show the details of the doves even better :)

I am actually working on a few more projects tonight but they aren't done yet so hoping to get them posted in a day or two.  Being back to work fulltime and getting caught up has me tuckered out when I get home but I am so enjoying getting back into my crafting.  It is great therapy for me.  Actually a productive night.  Projects, played a few songs on the organ for Dad and now am going to just sit back and relax and watch some T.V.

Have a wonderful evening and it's great to be back :)  I have missed so many of your blogs and wonderful projects and look forward to reading them all and catching up.

xo ~ Laura


Connie said...

Welcome back. I know you have had a very difficult last few months. Take some time and enjoy your blessings this holiday season.

Beautiful card too.

Granny J said...

The framed doves are beautiful. Now that you're back to work, be careful and don't overdo it. It's good to know you're enjoying crafting again. Love seeing everything you make.

Proper Prim said...

Laura, those doves are beautiful, what a perfect pic for you to enjoy. Can't wait to see what else you are up to.

Have a great day sweetie...

Hugs, Deb