Friday, November 12, 2010


Oh I am SO SO glad that it is Friday!!  This week has just flown by and I'm really ready for some slower pace days.  My husband has to work on Saturday so I want to be able to just play with some projects that I haven't had a chance to even get to.  The holiday's are right around the corner and I need to kick it in high gear lol

I was relaxing when I came home and felt like I wanted to get up and do some little crafting.  OK so this is kind of a funny little story on how I came up some of this project.  The great thing was they were free.  Wondering what it is?  lol  Well at work we have our building next to some wetland property so there are a lot of trees.  On my lunch a few days ago I just wanted to go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine.  While walking around the development I found a lot of tree limbs that had come off the trees from some of the stronger wind storms that we had so I proceeded to pick them up and take them back up to my office.  I would just smile when people would look at me funny.  Some asked what I was going to do with those and I said it depends.  If you're nice to me, nothing.  If not, well they make good whoopin sticks lol.  They would just start laughing at me.  You just never know about me.  I like to have fun even at work :)

So I made this cute little candle with my sticks.  I took some of my burlap trim and wrapped it around my sticks and added a flower and TaDa!!  Cute huh :)

Where did I put my new creation???  On my fireplace mantle with all my other Fall decorations :)

Then I had an empty instant flavored coffee container so I put together a cute little Santa vase just using felt.  Going to put some flowers in it for Christmas.  Simple and very inexpensive :)

My quote for the day ~ "If the essence of my being has caused a smile to have appeared upon your face or a touch of joy wtihin your heart, then in living I have made my mark. "

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


Granny J said...

Well darn, the tree trimmers were here last week but they took all the trimmings. I love that candle idea. Maybe I can trim enough off the neighbor's tree to make one. ;)

Anonymous said...

How cute! I think I will have to copy cat your ideas, hope you don't mind, those are just to cute!