Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some rearranging for Fall

Happy Friday!

For the first time in over 2 weeks, I was able to come home and just relax for a few hours and not worry about running all over God's creation, finishing something etc.  I came home after work and just sat down for over an hour, catching up on email, reading the news and surfing and it felt GREAT!!!  Hoping this is a sign of weeks to come and I can catch up after the past few weeks of turmoil :)

As I was sitting here surfing, I glanced over at my fireplace and thought ya know, it is pretty boring inside there lol.  We've lived in our house for over 8 years and we have never built a fire in it, just decorated it for looks so I thought what a better place to put some of my projects and show them off for Fall and Thanksgiving :)

I did notice that I still haven't, even after all these years got that darn paper sticky off the glass door!!  lol.  Guess I'll get on that one :)

Here is a shot of it with the lights on and flickering flameless candles.  They are getting weak so looks like I'll have to go back to the Dollar store for more :)

After I had just taken these pictures,  I did get a call from my youngest daughter and she was over at my DIL's house getting her hair curled as she was getting her engagement pictures taken later on that day. My Son built his wife a little shop in the backyard (she's a hairstylist) and the two kids were in the house playing while my Son was working. When the girls came out of the shop, they looked over at the house and water was pouring down from the upstairs bedroom area. It looked like it was raining so hard so they ran in the house and the upstairs Master was flooded with a few inches of water along with the entire bathroom. My granddaughter had went in there to go do her little number and obviously clogged it and left the handle down and the water just started pouring. They went downstairs and it was coming out of the light fixtures and down the walls and on the floor too. Needless to say there was a big rush to get things cleaned up. The damage hasn't been totally assessed yet and they are in the process of drying everything out. Would you think my granddaughter is in trouble??? Well you couldn't be upset if you tried as she got so upset and said "Oh no I ruined it. My playroom, oh no, I'm sorry. Quick, get lots of towels". Accidents happen huh. So with all that, I was wondering if my "peaceful" evening was going to end there but it didn't so here is what I was able to do.

Also, I've seen so many beautiful cakes that some of you have made out there and found this while blogging.  I would have never thought of doing this ever!!  You have to check this out.  Now this is VERY creative if you ask me.

This bow is made out of geletin!!  Yes you can even eat it lol.  Hop on over to Nellie Cakes and see how it's done.  Hmmmm I may have to try it as it looks beautiful :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


Judy said...

Hi Laura! I know sometimes our lives get so hectic with running alot of errands. Glad to see you are enjoying your evening. I love how you decorated your fire place with your projects. It looks fabulous! The cake at the bottom is beautiful too! I will be checking that site out for sure. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest! I have a "fake" fireplace, my dog's think it is real, when I plug it up and turn it on they lay in front of it like it is really warming them up, I just don't have the heart to tell them the truth. BUT I am going to try and fix it up like yours, that is sooo cute!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Such cute decor. Such a cute cake... such talented people.