Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today is a Mini Day!

Happy Saturday!

First off I can't believe I didn't post anything for Friday.  I thought I hit publish but guess not lol. 

I came home Friday night just beat after a busy week at work.  I think I'm fighting something also as I haven't felt 100% either so didn't feel like doing much but relaxing.  What I probably should have done was just go to bed but oh well lol

In a few of my previous posts, you saw me do some larger flowers with coffee filters and a topiary out of coffee filters.  Well I wanted to try some smaller ones so just winged it.  I took 2 of the coffee filters and started folding them in half, then again and again and then cut out a circle in about a 1 1/2" diameter.  I took shimmer mist and sprayed it, heavier in some spots to give it some dimension. 

I then rolled them up into balls and then started to unpeel them and pinching them in the center, tighter as I got to the middle.  I poked a hole in the center and put a brad in it and refluffed them and they turned out like this.  I'm thinking I may add some dimension by either putting puffy paint or some glitter on them but will wait a little bit to see.  I will be able to use these either on cards or on some frames.  Very easy and cute!!

I also went to the mailbox and I had received my gift from the giveaway from Tracie over at Life and Times of a 12x12 Addict.  It's so cute and I think I know what I'll do with this one :)  Thank you SO much Tracie!!

Well Carissa and I are heading to the Puyallup Fair today and hoping the weather clears up for the afternoon so we can enjoy ourselves.  Have a great day and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


Paula said...

Wow-- what a clever way to use coffee filters. I'll keep that one in mind. :)

Its so much fun watching all the crafty things that you are making and for Carissas wedding. You are just a ball of creativity! :)

Praying that the job gets better and eases up a bit for you!!


Genie said...

Wow...what a cool thing to do with the coffee filters. The flowers turned out so pretty. Sorry you have been feeling a bit under the weather. That is no fun when you have things you are wanting to do. Feel better soon.


The Stylish House said...

You have some clever ideas! I like your coffee filter flowers.
I have family in Puyallup. I used to live in Portland and spent time in your area. It's been so rainy around here it's been alot like the Pacific NW.
Thank you for stopping by and sayin hi. With some luck and prayer hopefully my daughter and her donor will do great!
Hugs, Cathy

I'm off to check out some of your other ideas.