Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini Album

Happy Wednesday!!

I didn't have the greatest day yesterday as I had to tell my daughter that her cat had been missing since Saturday night and she was in tears.  That was her baby and it just broke my heart.  She was going to be taking her over to her house but hadn't picked her up yet so needless to say, a very sad day for me :(

The one positive thing that happened is that I got a call from a recruiter today and I have an interview on Thursday afternoon, yes it is back on Microsoft campus.  I just can't seem to get away from that place.  lol

Well the organizing is slowly but surely coming along.  Whew it's a lot of work!!  Who knew we had so much stuff around here in the closets.  It's amazing when your children grow up and move out what all they leave.  It does feel good though :)

So during my breaks from organizing, I decided to try a mini album that I've seen from Follow The Paper Trail that I posted earlier.  Boy did my mind really start working on how I can recycle food boxes now.

I distressed around the edges some to make it look a little older.

These are very simple albums and I've got some of the embelishments on this one but will probably put more pages and more decorations on it as I have time.  This one is the theme of "Friends".  I've got an idea for this one so we'll see.  Little by little I'm fine tuning the technique.  Here are the shots of the different pages.  As you can see, there are cute cubbies in these too, just like my exploding box.  Love that idea!!

Loved the vellum saying that I put on this one on the left side.  On the right, this is just stamped for a place to journal something :)

These next few shots are of a few more embelishments that I put on Carissa's "Secret" Memory Album that I'm making her. This will be a work in progress but hey, I've got 9 months lol. No I don't plan on doing something on it everyday. Could you just imagine how big that would be??? :)

I added the embelishment of "Our Wedding and the adoreable satin/lace with pearl edging.

I added the upper left tag and fits right in with the page.  The little heart on the "I Do", you can slip a picture onto it.  How cute is that!

I will put their actual wedding date on the embelishment once it is finalized.  This is an actual smaller pocket that I am putting extra goodies in for more pictures, maybe napkins from the wedding or maybe invitations.  These cubbies are so cool!!  They can actually hold quiet a bit.

Notice the embelishment in the flower??? It says "Love". The little ticket I have on the paperclip is precious!!

I think these extra pieces are perfect.  They can put a picture of her on the bride one and one of him on the groom.  They just sit in this slot and the only thing holding them is the extra lace I put on it.  I swear tutorials on YouTube are a great source of ideas too :)

I've put the clock on this one.  Once I find out what time they will be married, I will put the hands on it for a little memory :)

I put one of the flowers I made on this one.  I'm still pondering how to fill this one up.  Time will tell :)

2 more cute cards they can add pictures too and then the sleeve part has "Our Love Story" as the tab that they can add yet another precious photograph on.  Now remember these tags all have the back to put things too.

So I've added yet another flower I made and the "Mr & Mrs" sign.  Still room to add a picture or something on this page.

The last thing I did on this one today was add this adoreable chip board embelishment to end the album. 

I tell you what, if you EVER want a very personalized gift, go check out the tutorials on the web.  You will find so many different ones and they are just priceless and so personalized.  Who wouldn't want to get one of these :)

Well hopefully in the next week, I'll have some of my treasure finds done so I can post them also.  Wow,

I think I am more busy being unemployed than when I worked fulltime!!  lol

I'm joining Kara today on her Look what I made made over at her site at Creations by Kara.  Hope on over and see what she's up too :)

Have a great day!!

xo ~ Laura


Granny J said...

I've never done scrapbooking but you sure tempt me to start. The things you make are gorgeous.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Granny :) I never was into scrapbooking much either until I started doing this. It is a great way to store special memories, make personalized cards and many other things. It is amazing what I've found out on how to use everyday items from around the house to embelish. Most of these pages are just done from plain old envelopes :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Oh you scrapbookers put the rest of us to shame! They look great!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Laurel ~ actually I'm not a pro by any means. lol I actually just started doing these about 2 weeks ago :)

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

Those are so cute! I love all the tags and pockets.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Jessica :) That is what is nice about these, all kinds of pockets to store more items in. What a great way to show favorite photos or keepsakes huh :)

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Oh don't you just love youtube.com for ideas! I watched videos for like two hours one time! LOL Lovin' the pink! I knew you would be making a ton of wedding stuff! Looks good!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Haley :) I know the feeling. I sat there the other night for a few hours myself :) Yes definitely doing a lot of wedding stuff and much more to come. lol

{ L } said...

Oh wow, you do really beautiful work! LOVE the colors of that top album.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Lisa :) It has been a lot of fun these past few weeks working on them. I have someone in mind for this one and her fav color is pink so that's why I went with it :) It's a fun one :D

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

OOoohhhhhh, that is so cute!!! Love it. :) Thanks for the visit today. :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

OOoohhhhhh, that is so cute!!! Love it. :) Thanks for the visit today. :)

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Amanda :) Glad you were able to stop by to visit :) Thank you!!

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

These mini albums are just so adorable! Just beautiful.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Tammy :) I have had fun doing them up!!

Nikki said...

Awwww, those are too stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for linking to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

Scrappy Gifts said...

Gorgeous job on them! Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays! I'll be featuring these tomorrow!

Kara @ Craftastical! said...

So cute! I love all the pockets and spots for things! How fun!

Thanks for linking up at Craftastical!

Young and Crafty said...

What a cute idea!! I love little mini personalized books like that. I made one as a Christmas gift for my SIL and BIL.

Thank you SOOO much for being the first too link up to Scraptastic Saturday! Hopefully it will gain popularity!