Monday, August 9, 2010

Feeling SO Blessed!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Wow I just don't know where to begin.  I had such a wonderful weekend and I was able to sit back and just reflect on some things that really touched my heart.  First off I was getting ready to grab a few things before going to my birthday party and I received a phone call on my cell from a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure to meet last year on my birthday.  Now mind you I've only met her 1x but have talked to her a few times on Facebook.  Teresa and her husband own an Exotic Animal Farm in Monroe Washington.  Well one of her animals is really sick and she called me to ask to pray for cute Yahoo.  I just loved him when we were there.  We even got to hold their little babies when we were there :)

Then I was able to see so many people who truly love me yesterday at the party and I thought WOW!!  I am just an ordinary person who just loves life and obviously I'm touching people in ways I had no idea.  I think it is great that we all sit down every once in awhile and take a look around.  It's an awesome feeling.

This morning I woke up and was reading my email and found that I won yet another giveaway!! Here is the giveaway I got this time from Ashley over at Joyful Creations :)  She's got such a cute blog.  Hop on over and check her out.  I can't believe it!!  Yes this was the clincher that I feel so totally blessed to have such wonderful new friends and old alike in my life.

I have a very busy week and don't know how much time I'll have for my crafting but we'll see.  Looking at wedding venues on Wednesday and babysitting 2 of my grandbabies Thursday - Sunday :)

Here are a few treasures that I received from some very very special people that I love so much.

This adoreable Friends picture frame from my BFF of over 30++ years.

A placque she gave me and this saying is SO true :)

These precious pearl necklace and braclet set with this adoreable golden silk pouch :)

My cute Rooster Scentsy holder!!

My wish for all of you is that you take a moment to look around and reflect on who/what really touches you and your life.

xo ~ Laura


Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Have a great week! =)

Connie said...

Happy belated birthday...looks like you had a wonderful day.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a darling little creature you are cuddling! And you look so happy to be doing so!
Congrats on your win! I think it is paying it forward!
Looking forward to getting my package! =)

niartist said...

What a perfect birthday weekend! :) I'm new to your blog, and so happy to have found you! I love blogs that tackle projects, and share them - and have a creative flair! I write Color Outside the Lines, which I hope you have visited - but if you haven't stop by and see me! I do a Friday meme called Vignette Friday's, and I'd love it if you'd join us this week. It's all about sharing those vignette shots of your home or garden, including things you'd made or re-done yourself, or the fantastic finds you might get at a garage or yard sale! I know you'd be inspired, and inspiring - and really isn't that what blogging is all about? :) Hope you'll join me - now off to read more of your great blog! YAY! Take care, Artie

Ormolulu said...

Hope you had a happy birthday, Laura!

Please try to come to the Lynden Craft & Antique Show in mid-October. It's Thursday through Saturday (open until 8:00 p.m. except Saturday--5:00 p.m.). I KNOW you will love it, and please introduce yourself to me!


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Jessica, I did have a wonderful birthday :) Thank You!!

Connie ~ Thanks!! A lot of fun that's for sure.

Linda ~ That is a baby wallaroo. It was a surprise when we got done touring their farm. She was adoreable!!

Artie ~ why thank you for stopping by :) I will be stopping by to check yours out shortly :)

Debi ~ I'm putting it on my list and hope I can make it :) I will definitely stop by and introduce myself if I can make it :)

Leigh said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I love to surround myself with my family heirlooms, it makes me feel like I'm a part of something special. Anyway, happy birthday!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday!