Thursday, July 1, 2010

Table/Storage Redo

Happy Thursday!!  Well I found just a odd shaped 3 drawer thingy (looks like someone made it) and thought I could use this to store some of my crafting items in and all in one place when I'm working on my Cricut or Sewing machine.  You see I do that over at the diningroom table as I don't have anything to put it on in my craft room itself so here is a shot before.  Looks like someone just threw paint on it.  lol  Can you see the difference on the side edges?  Kinda quirky but I like it :)

And here is the after where I applied some black paint, distressed it a little to pull some of the blue through.  Then I got out my Cricut and labeled my drawers :)  It feels so good to be organized verses hunting around through everything.  lol

Then do you remember this little find from the other day???
Well I decided since I'm putting the 3 drawer thingy on top, I'd paint it black also and distress it a little too as I'm going to set it on top of my little table, and put my Cricut on top of that.  Here is how everything turned out.  The pictures show that my paint isn't all the way dry yet.  lol!!  Yes, I'm impatient!!

Have a wonderful day!!

xo ~ Laura


Angela said...

Great job..loving this idea...I just t turned my head to a cabinet shelf thing I have sitting on my table behind me..this post has got me thinking girl,lol Oh I'm loving the song that is playing right now on the play list...'you alone are my one desire, you alone are my heart's desire. '...sigh..amen amen amen

Angela said...

Your going to crack up now..I thought it was your blog that was playing this was another one that I have up and didn't realize it,,LOL..Silly me.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Angela, you crack me up! lol I know what you mean about the music. Sometimes I have a few open and I don't know which one is playing which song lol. You go girl on the cabinet shelf :) I just love coming up with new ideas. I just posted another one that I found this morning. Check it out!! You will not believe it!! Have a great day sweetie!!