Friday, July 23, 2010

A surprise brewing!!! Revealed

Hi there!!  I will reveal the surprise now!!    He asked her to marry him!!  My youngest daughter has been with her boyfriend for over 3 years now and she will be turning 21 in April.  Her now fiance is going to be 23 in February and the time has come and he asked her to marry him!!!  Here is the ring he got her.  It's on my hand, not hers.  Wow are they looking older now... my hands that is.  lol  I picked it up for him and sent him a picture of it that I had it in hand.  This is what he had picked out for her but he was in Oregon and couldn't pick it up.  Wow what a Mom huh.  lol.  She just called me as she went down to Oregon today after work and told me he proposed and she said yes.  lol.  She doesn't have her camera down there but I had already coordinated it being delivered to him so yes, she has the ring now :)

They both love the outdoors and love to fish together.  Brandon makes his own rods just to tell you how much he loves fishing! Here is his blog so if you know of anyone who wants a custom rod, Brandon does great work.  Morris Rod & Tackle.   He made Carissa her own custom one also.  He wasn't able to originally do what he wanted and that was to take her to Sol Duc Hotsprings and take her fishing and asking her to marry him but since he's been stuck down in Oregon going on 1 month he had to change things.
Here is a little something that I made that I have attached to something specifically.  They had talked about it before of what they wanted at their wedding for a theme..... well!!  Take a look further.
So what am I going to do with this you ask?

Well do you remember these adoreable little cowboy boots from the other day that I posted?  And the little glass containers? 

Well look at the final keepsake that I created for them.  I know that both of them are going to just love it.  The date has now been put on it so it's official!!

Looks like we'll be busy planning a wedding and doing a lot of the decorations, etc. ourselves. 

xo ~ Laura


Granny J said...

You are so creative. I love it.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

wow very creative!!!! Congratulations!!!! I love weddings =)

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Exciting doin's at your house! Love those little cowboy boots--especially with the flowers in them. Great idea.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks ladies :) I saw it and the idea just popped into my mind. I sent her the picture last night after she called me to tell me and they love it. No date has been set yet but it will be a busy year that's for sure :)

Kindra said...

What a wonderful gift you made them! Congrats to your daughter and future SIL!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Kindra. They are both excited and so am I as we are going to do a lot of the prep work ourselves so I'll be busy that's for sure. lol

Anita said...

Oh how sweet! Congratulations! I LOVE what you sweet & so creative!

¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸..•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`-: † :- Anita

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Anita :) Sometimes I just get these glimpes of things and it all comes together. It is easier for me if I know someone really well :) Have a great weekend!

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

SO creative - I absolutely LOVE it! Congratulations!! :)