Thursday, July 29, 2010

PNW Barns for Wedding

Hi!!  I know this is a random post but wanted to ask all you lovely people out in blogland some advice and suggestions about wedding venues here in Washington in the PNW.

As many of you know if you follow my blog, my youngest daughter is getting married in May and her and her fiance are wanting a country wedding.  Laid back, fun but beautiful all in one.  We've checked out a few places already and they both really want to get married in a barn on a farm.

Since this is a great place to get ideas, I wanted to see if any of you knew of any places, no of anyone personally who rents out their barns, any suggestions on having one already around the area and so on :)

No pictures on this blog... just needing input :)

Have a great day and thanks ahead of time for suggestions!!

xo ~ Laura


The Painted Garden said...


Check out the Barn House - they are located in Battle Grand Washitngton and have a website

They may be interested in doing a wedding. They have fabulous antique sales and may be just the place. Good luck.
Bessings, Erin

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Erin. I thought about that but didn't ask. I'm going to now :)

bj said...

Good luck on finding just the right place for your baby to get married. I'm sure there must be some awesome barns in that area...

Now..out here in West Texas, we do have our share of barns but never have seen one pretty enuf to have a wedding. :))

xo bj

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Well we do have some pretty nice refurbs around here BJ that are pretty. lol In fact my husband and I got married in one 11 years ago. Guess she's taking after her Momma ;)