Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paper, prototypes and more!!

Happy Sunday!!

First things first!!  I got an email yesterday from Gail at My Repurposed Life with some awesome news for me!!  Gail had a giveaway and I won!!  Now for the extra fun news, Gail had her Monday Post for these Cute Totes, which of course I thought to myself would be awesome to do each one up on a personal note for all of Carissa's bridesmaid, MOB and others in the wedding party and it was my lucky day I guess!!  One less thing for me to go out and buy :)  Hop on over to Gail's blog and check her out.  I just love her blog, and Gail.....THANK YOU!!!!!

Now onto this interesting weekend I've had.  The hubby had to work on Saturday, my oldest granddaughter had to go to the ER as she had been sick for 4 days and was having severe pain on her right side.  Well the good thing is it wasn't her appendix :)  It was however a bad bladder/kidney infection but she's on antibiotics so she'll be better soon.  Since my oldest daughter has 4 kids, guess what Nana got to do... yup watch the other 3.  The boys kept themselves entertained playing with cars and watching cartoons and my other granddaughter wanted to do crafts with Nana :)  My granddaughters are so much fun!!  This is what little Miss Bailey did all by herself :)

Yes lil Miss Bailey loves polka dots just like Nana does :)

I have been playing with different flowers so I was having fun with a few twigs.  Yes, I decided to see what it would look like.  What a fun way to put some color in a room and think of the possibilities to be able to change it out with the different holidays!  Love this idea.

Then I did a prototype of something that we will be using at the wedding reception.  This is just a mock one but it will give you the idea of what we're going to do on the gift/favor tables :)  And of course had to put one of my flowers on it too. Thank goodness this was the prototype as my glue stuck to the paint and I had it upside down!  lol  Oh well, it will be fixed when I get the buy off from the bride :)

Here is a tease on what to look for from tomorrow's post :)

Oh and one more thing :)  What an awesome giveaway going on over at the Dollar Store Crafts!  Check this out...just think of all the possibilities you could do with this! 

Hope that you have a fabulous day!!

xo ~ Laura


Granny J said...

Hope your grandaughter is feeling better. You're really having fun with those flowers aren't you? I love the flowers on the twigs. Cute idea.

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh yes I am having loads of fun Granny :) Instant enjoyment with them lol and you can do so much with them. Learning all kinds of techniques so stay tuned for getting peaks of them. lol Have a great Sunday Sweetie!

Diann @ the Thrifty Groove said...

Congrats on you win over at Gail's!

I hope your granddaughter is feeling better!

Looks like you and Bailey had a very fun day of crafting!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Diann ~ thanks!! They will be put to great use so check back on how they turn out :) Yes my granddaughter is starting to feel better. Bailey is a big helper and just loves to craft. Guess I have a strong bloodline. lol

Ormolulu said...

Thanks for visiting Ormolulu--I appreciate your comments so much. I'm also working on a wedding that will be held in BOW next weekend! Take care,


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Debi ~ thanks for stopping by :) We should compare wedding stories ;) I have 9 months to plan it so may be seeing what all you did! Have a great day Sweetie!

bj said...

Hi, sister and I seem to have quite a bit in daughter has 4 son has 6. They all live right here in the same town so I get to do a lot of visiting with my grands, too.
Daughter had to go out of town last Monday and I went out to stay with the kids. (they live in the country, but not too far). We worked on letters, too. I didn't have my camera so I'll get photos when I go out tomorrow. ANYway, she had done her room in NEW YORK so she wanted the letters NEW YORK to go above her bed. She picked out some awesome scrapbook paper and they turned out sooo cute.

I love your B in polka dots that your baby did...:))

bj said...

oops, and meant to say I have a BAILEY, too. She is a twin...:)

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

BJ ~ well I would say we have a lot in common :) I am watching my son's 2 children on the 12th until the 15th as they are flying to California for his work :) They are younger and don't craft yet but you never know ;) Isn't it great having them close!! All 6 of mine are no more than 15 minutes from where I live and I love it!