Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun with my oldest granddaughter

Happy Friday again :)  Well today I got to spend some 1:1 time with my oldest granddaughter who just turned 11 last week.  It is always a blessing when I get to spend quality time with them, especially on an individual basis.  She had told me last week on her birthday that she wanted to come over and do some crafting with me so of course I gladly accepted that :)   I just love the little creative minds they have.

So she wanted to do something personalized so this is what we came up with.  First off, she did this clothes pin with her name on it.  She was able to go to the craft store with me today and pick out 5 sheets that she wanted to use.  You will see her selection more throughout this post and how we used them.  I think it turned out very cute and of course my other granddaughter who is 2 years younger saw it and wants to do it on her special day with Nana too.  lol

Then we did a very personalized block.  She painted it blue (which is her all time favorite color), took the scrapbook paper and cut out the squares.  I told her to give me 4 things that really meant a lot to her as we were going to cut out the vinyl.  She is now in love with my Cricut!!  lol  So the 4 words she picked were "Family", "Friends", "Fun" and "Creative".  Here is her own creation.

The next project we did was working on sewing her pillow.  She picked her 2 colors of fabric and she did pretty darn good :)

We also played around with making a necklace with using washers that I saw on Shady Creek's Vinyl Lettering but they didn't turn out right as we couldn't find the Paper Glaze :(  I will have to keep looking.

We also made a headband out of some trim we got but I forgot to get a picture of it lol.  When I was picking some things up, she said to me "Nana I have an idea for my flipflops so I said have at it and this is what she came up with.  Not bad for her first attempt but now she's figuring out how to do all of it and she did this all by herself.

So we had a wonderful day and did a lot of fun crafts which we both enjoyed.  I just love my family :)

Have a great evening!!

xo ~ Laura


Kaysie said...

I LOVE your blog :) I found you through my mom (Lynda from Speckled Hen) :) What a awesome craft day you had!!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Kaysie :) I'm glad that you found my blog. I just love your Mom's blog too! Welcome! Yes we had a very fun day. I can't wait to do it with my almost 9 year old granddaughter :)

bj said...

Oh, I do love those special times with grands, too. We do this pretty often as all my grands live close to me.
I think your granddaughter did just great on all her projects. You are a good teacher, I can tell.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful 4th..
xo bj

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks BJ. Yes it is always fun and the girls are getting older now and just love to do crafts with me. I'm pretty lucky as she has a lot of creativity in her which makes things really easy. The sewing project was a little more challenging as I had to keep telling her to slow down. Heaven help us when she starts to learn to drive with that lead foot. lol