Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crate and mini pot holder

Happy Rednesday!!  So I finished a few more items that I had gotten on Friday.  Man, I was a busy girl I guess!!  Well what better thing to do when it's too hot to be outside.  Yup... craft away!!

So I am trying to make our front porch a little more inviting so this is what I ended up doing with 2 of the little crates and the mini pot holder!!  I just love this one.  So cute and it looks adoreable sitting next to my other holder I finished. 

So I just couldn't leave the arrangement by the front door alone either so I gave it a mini makeover too.  Lets see how it holds up.  lol

Have a great day!!

xo ~ Laura


bj said...

G'morning, sister friend...
I love your crate and the mini pot holder is sooo cute!
Also love that plaque you made for your friend. So cute.

We enjoyed our short stay in Seattle so much...first time we had ever been there. We were staying in a hotel downtown and we walked around the downtown area. I wanted to go to this market you mention but we had no idea where it was. Plus, I couldn't have bought flowers anyway...we got on ship the next morning. We just spent one night there but would love to go back sometime.

Have a great day...
xo bj

Granny J said...

I love your red and white pot holder. My dots never look right and I keep painting over and over until I have a bout a dozen coats of paint on whatever I'm trying to paint.

You've been one busy gal.

Angela said...

Seriously, I need to ask you something...Don't you want to visit Niagara Falls..you can and have a place to stay for free!The only thing is, while your staying at the place which is free (has a wonderful pool to swim, air conditioning inside, and very close to all the scenic areas of the wonderful Niagara area)..you HAVE to help this woman here get all her crafts that she has put off for years..I tell ya girl..you would go nuts with the BOXES..yes I mean BOXES of crafts that have to get done around here..sigh..

So when can I expect you? I'm waiting ever so patiently..just hurry please,,lol

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Bj ~ Sweetie just let me know when you come back for a visit and you are more than welcome to stay here and I will be your personal tour guide to beautiful Seattle. You are welcome anytime :)

Granny ~ my secret to the dots are simple. Take the end of a smaller paint brush, dip it in the paint and tap it on the surface. Perfect 99% of the time :)

Angela ~ I love Niagra Falls and I will put that on my "To Do" list for a visit. I would love to sit and craft with you girl :)

Connie said...

I love, love, love the red pot holder.

You know I have lived in the Northwest all of my life and have never made it to Pike Place Market...pretty sad, huh?

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Well Connie, make a trip up to Seattle and let me know and we can meet up :) I think we've all been in that area before. I know I've lived here all my years except 3 and there is still so much I haven't seen :)

Lyndsey said...

I love the little red stool.. so cute!! Thanks for your sweet comment!!! I love all your cute little ideas!!!