Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bridal Toolbox

Happy Monday!

I was able to get a few cute things done for Carissa now that she's "officially" engaged and let me tell you, she is going a mile a minute with excitement.  OK, so am I.  lol

I had found this cute kids toolbox last week at GW and knew what I wanted to do with it.  It had a few things on it like reflector tape and stickers so I had to strip all that off, sand it down a little and get ready to paint it.  It went from this.....

To this!  I had bought a few bridal magazines to help get her going with ideas, had found a planner and personalized it for her and now she has a place to keep her ideas.

So you will probably see more post throughout this planning stage but it will be fun I promise.  She's already on a path with colors and ideas and it's going to be a beautiful wedding.  Wow it feels strange having my baby old enough to get married.

I guess the saying is true ~ "Mother's hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever".

I am also linking to Cherry Chick Jewelry for her ME Monday.  I just love all her cute items.  So with that being said, I thought of her and did this cute spoon up just for her.  Hop on over and see all her cute things.

Have a great day!

xo ~ Laura


Granny J said...

What a sweet idea, to make that toolbox for your daughter. I'm sure she will have the pages of the magazines dogeared before the wedding is over. I'm going over to check out the Cherry Chick site now.

mle said...

First off, congrats to the Bride.2.B!!
Love the dolled up tool box! So Cute!!
Enjoy the planning process : )

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Granny ~ oh yes I'm sure of it. They picked a date now. 5/28/2011 :)

Emily ~ thanks and I passed it onto her :) She loved the toolbox too. It will be a busy 10 months that's for sure. lol

Cherry Chick said...

That is a sweet idea for the Bride to Be. I'm sure she appreciates it.
A Cherry Spoon! Too cute. Did you paint a wooden spoon?? I can't figure out how you made it. Enquiring minds want to Thank you for sharing with us on ME Monday.
♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Vicki ~ just a regular metal spoon :)

FlyAwayHome said...

This little spoon is adorable. You are so creative.