Monday, June 28, 2010

Master Bedroom Part II ~ Shelf Redo :)

Happy Monday Everyone!!!  Well I thought I had taken before pictures and for the life of me, I can't find this one :(  So I guess I will have to just explain it and have you visualize it lol.

I found this cute country shelf at GW about 3 weeks ago and it just caught my eye with the heart cutouts, the mesh on the doors and the cute knobs.  It was a forest green color but that definitely does not match my decor so yup, you guessed it!!  Out came the paint and now it is transformed into a black color but I'm still debating on if I want to leave it as is, or distress the edges.  Hmmmmm that is the question of the day!!  lol

So here it is hanging on my wall......

Along with the cute knobs....

And now decorated!!!  :)  The master bedroom is slowly coming together!!  And I'm loving it!!

Plus a cute little plaque I threw together to hang from the wooden peg :)

I also found this little shelf at GW around the same time and this is how it ended up :)

So since I already had a few decorations on the wall in the first place, I decided to just put up a few for now on the wall on the top shelf and now I've got more room to decorate more knick knacks on the other shelfs and pegs!!  Wow I love creating new space for my projects don't you? 

I also did up this quick and easy sign to add to a pretty boring wall.  This one is for my sweet husband of almost 11 years :)  Love him!!

I also did up a little burlap covered glass votive and put some ribbon on it and will put it on the shelf but it's still wet.  lol

You may ask, how am I getting all these done on a Monday when I work I bet.  Well the truth is, my contract is coming to an end as of Wednesday for a few weeks so I have nothing to do and I'm working from home today and tomorrow so in between getting things cleaned up, I take little breaks and get some crafting in :)

Have a fabulous Monday girls/gals and enjoy!!

Hugs ~ Laura