Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a few things tonight

Happy Thursday.  I hope that all you wonderful ladies have had a fantastic day and have been able to do some crafting :)  I personally haven't had that much time to do much today as I had a very very busy day at work and had to take my youngest daughter for a follow-up GI appointment and we are going to have to go through a Colonoscopy bright and early Monday morning to see what is going on.  Yes that means Sunday she has to do yet another prep which if you have ever had one, you know what that means :(  I'm just praying that they find out what has caused her such severe pain these past 4 weeks.

Anyway, like I said I haven't been able to do much crafting today.  I needed a pin cushion so I threw this one together.  Thought it was cute and thought of the heart as I love my little girl so much and just hate that I can't do anything for her and just take all the pain away.... so this was an inspiration from her :)

I did get my little GW shelf completed last night, along with my little mirrow I found and it is up under my beautiful Red star and think it turned out cute!!  My little mirror was posted in a previous post and it was just a little white one, so I painted it and think it's just adoreable :)

So I am going to try to work on another little project tonight before my husband comes home for work so stay tuned :)

Happy crafting!!!

xo ~ Laura


Jan LaFollette said...

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