Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Wife!!!

Well good evening.  So I didn't think I was going to get much more in tonight craft wise but my husband was working much later than expected so guess what!!  I got out my Cricut and started playing around with the tape transfer so I didn't have to measure each one individually, yes that is what I had been doing lol.  Well it worked out great!!!  I'm still getting used to all the different settings but I think I'm getting it!!

My husband always laughs and tells people, if the wife isn't happy, nobody is happy SOOOOOO look what I put together :)  OK I changed it just a little but still.  He hasn't seen it yet but I know this will cause him to chuckle some.  He is loving coming home to hunt around the house to see what I've done new each day so it's kind of fun.  A scavenger hunt for him.  lol

I also did my first vinyl on glass.  I love the font and I put a piece of scrap paper in the back of the frame so I can change it out whenever I want and I'm not sure I'm liking what I have in there currently so I'll have to see what else I come up with but here is that too.  Yup, another thrifty find of $1.99!!

Well sounds like he just got home as my 3 dogs are going nuts so time to sign off :)  Have a great night!!

xo ~ Laura


Angela said...

I have said it so many times also,,if I'm not happy, no one is happy, lol.

That is just too cute about hubby coming home and seeing what you have done. You truly are making your house a home for your family...for everyone who enters in finds love and joy in the four corners of your home.

That is my desire for my home...

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Angela :) Yes we enjoy our house being that warm and country feeling that is relaxing and inviting to our friends and family. I am having the time of my life :) Have a great day Sweetie!! ~ Laura