Friday, June 18, 2010

Laundry Room Crisis!!! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Well my laundry room is definitely in need of a makeover and since I've started crafting again and have received my Cricut Expression, the ideas just keep coming!!  I said laundry room crisis right?  Are you wondering why?  Well I was spray painting my garbage can and I'm almost out of red!!!  Now that is a big crisis so once I get done posting, guess where I will be heading??  Yup, the store to go get more.  lol

I need to repaint the walls but that will be another project day so for now I am adding my cute items.  It is really coming together and wow what a nice feeling of having it uncluttered!!!

I found this box at GW a few weeks ago and wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I've decided.  Well at least for now as I like to move things around all over the place (he he he).

I also got an idea when cleaning it out.  I had an empty dog treat can and thought hmmmmmm I got an idea!!!  So I got out my paper, mod podge and vinyl and it went from this to the following which I ended up setting on top of my box!!

Then I saw that the washer still felt a little lonely so I had a small canvas that I had already painted, got to lettering and came up with this!  This one sits next to my Happy Wife, Happy Life one I did last night :)

So how am I coming along in my laundry room???  Well here is the first portion :)

Oh and yesterday I did a little "Welcome to our home" frame and didn't like the background so here is my updated one!  Love it!!  It's so nice to just pull off the frame and change the background and not have to worry about the vinyl as I stuck that on the glass.  Smart thinking huh!!! 

Oh yes, how could I forget this one!!  Most of us have it every day right?  I had my cannister that was just plain white and since I had my Cricut out I thought I'd remind myself what is in there :)

Wow.... guess I know where my morning disappeared too!  lol  So off to the store with me and you'll never know what I come up with while I'm out looking for my cute treasures!!  Happy crafting and until later.........

xo ~ Laura

P.S.  Well my crisis is overwith now as I got more can's of my red spray paint lol and a few other things but you will have to wait to see what those are at a later date.  Yes.... have to keep you in suspense lol

Here is another plaque I made with tile and vinyl.  I found them at GW earlier in the week and it had a nice texture but didn't know how it would look with painting and vinyl but I did it anyway.  I figured if I messed up I wouldn't be out much as it was only a $1 :)  So here is another little tile plaque I did up tonight.  Man I better slow down or I'll run out of projects!!  Just kidding ;)

So until my next boost of energy, happy creating!!

xo ~ Laura

OK so there was one small items added last night that I thought would fit into the laundry room scheme.  The picture doesn't do it justice but very cute :)  lol

In case you can't read it as the picture is close, it says "Coins"!!  Thought it was cute as my sign says 5 cents.  lol


4 comments: said...

you've been busy! Everything looks great.
ps thanks for visiting my blog

craftyles said...

You are one creative lady! Love your thrifted finds.

Angela said...

Oh I love that new background that you added..I thought the first attempt was very nice, but this is definitely soooo beautiful. Love your laundry room girl....You definitely are ROCKING with your new toy,,lol

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Thanks Gail for stopping by :) Yes I've been busy and loving it!!

Leslie ~ why thank you :) I just look around and get ideas from blogs and stores and put my own character to it. Am having the time of my life! Oh isn't that in Dirty Dancing? lol

Angela ~ The first attempt on the frame was OK but it was too overwhelming for my liking so wanted to go with something more subtle and I agree, much better :) As for the laundry room, I'm liking it ;)