Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My biggest project yet....what have I gotten myself into?

Howdy!!  Well being laid off work has it's advantages as I am taking the time to go to the gym and work out 5x's a week, watching what I'm eating and enjoying now really having a schedule to follow lol.  Hmmmm wonder how long I can get away with this with the hubby?

I decided to FINALLY rip out the old nasty carpet in our family room.  I just couldn't stand it anymore.  It was cheap carpet and the animals had destroyed it and no matter what I did I couldn't get them clean enough so I said now is the perfect time to do it :)  It took me 5 hours to get it all ripped out along with the pad and then had to get the staples and tack strips off.  I also sanded it all down to make sure that it was all smooth with nothing sticking up to show through the flooring when I lay it.  Yes I said when "I" lay it.  Yes this is my biggest project yet and I'm very excited.  I've picked out the floor planks (using the vinyl ones) and pick them up tomorrow as they didn't have them in stock at the store I went too closer to me.

So what did I start out with?  K get ready and I'll warn you now, it isn't pretty hahahahaha.  We did however get our money's worth since it was only 5 year carpet and we've been in the house going on 11 yrs lol.

Yup, even took the curtains down and are washing them too.  I figured get everything clean lol.
 So I got everything out of there except for the exercise bike as I couldn't move it far by myself and the way out house is laid out, I'm going to have to work on the floor and when I get far enough, move it back lol. 

I started ripping things in sections and figured it would make it easier to roll the old carpet up and that way it wouldn't feel so overwhelming to me.  Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking too it hahaha.  But seriously, it did work out great as I was able to just roll it up in about 5' sections.  Easier to dispose of that way.  This was the first strip gone.......

Then out comes the pad and bare subflooring!!

And it just kept coming and coming until finally I got it all done :)  Tomorrow I will pick it up and won't be laying it tomorrow as I'm definitely going to have to let my poor old body rest in between lol so stay tuned for the final outcome.....wish me luck as I've NEVER done this before :)

In the meantime, have a fabulous rest of the week and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura


Farmhouse prims said...

I love your new plank flooring, the same thing is happening to me. I wanted something new for my kitchen. I researched and researched on what to get. I am going with plank vinyl floating flooring that peals and sticks. I haven't gotten mind down yet. I hope I have made the right decision. Can't wait to see pictures of yours. I love it! hugs, Lecia

Proper Prim said...

You are a brave soul Laura. Good for you for tackling that.

I did the vinyl planks in my mud room and it was the easiest job I have ever done. It looks great too... and easy to keep clean. You are going to love it.

Can't wait to see it all done. Good luck buddy... you can do it.


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

woohoo you go girl! You've tackled the worst part I think! ripping out old carpet is not easy... all that tack strip... staples etc.
I'll be here cheering you on!