Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What do your friends mean to you???

I don't know about you but some of my very dear friends are just like family to me and I love them so much.  Sometimes some of them have been there for me more than actual family has been.  I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I was sitting there the other night and thinking about a few dear friends that I've been talking too and decided I wanted to do a project with just that saying.

I had a set of 3 paper mache boxes that I just painted up, quick and simple.  Got out my vinyl and finished it off by putting a jute bow around it.

Put it in the guest bedroom on the bookshelf so that when people stay over, they know how much we care about them.
So on that note my dear friends, have a wonderful evening and happy crafting!

xo ~ Laura


Proper Prim said...

Hey there Sista... loving your boxes... and you are so right. I couldn't have survived all these years without the help and love of my friends.

Great job sweetie.

Hugs, Deb