Wednesday, August 24, 2011

House Rules

Happy Wednesday!

I'm a happy girl today as the sunshine is coming back again!!  We had a few days of rain around the PNW which is OK as the grass needed it bad.  The one nice thing when it gets so warm as the grass doesn't grow as it dries out so no mowing, which my hubby likes lol.

My projects this weeks have been smaller ones as I still am not back to 100% yet but getting close.  This darn cold is a pain but oh well, that's life lol.  I left you with a teaser, yes I know...I'm good at doing that.  So I'll give you a refresher.  I found this for 50 cents at Goodwill many months ago.  It had the tag on it from Pier 1 and I thought "SWEET"!!  Now you may be asking, OK Laura, so what is so special about a stand???

Well I needed it to put this on.  Yes I had a few of the thin canvas' laying around and wanted to do up something fun for the kitchen.  Guess I'm in a sprucing up the kitchen mode lately lol.
Brought out the good ole paint and did a dry brush affect on it as I wanted it to resemble wood. I think it turned out pretty good :)  Then out came the vinyl.....I had saw this on a blog (I'm sorry I thought I copied the name and I can't find it so if it was you......thank you for the idea)

Thought it was cute and loved how it turned out!  My husband asked if the "House Rules" applied to him and I said yup lol.  We both had a good laugh with it. 

 Here is where I put it.  On top of our fridge along with some of my porcelin cow figurines.  Now that is country huh ;-)
One last thing....Carissa had gotten me this magnet a year ago for Mother's Day and she has been after me to put my face on this as it is a picture holder also so I finally did and I think it is just cute.  Love the saying on it :)

So that's all for me right now.  I don't even have any teasers for you tonight!!  Guess I better put my thinking cap on for some more ideas huh :)

Have a great evening and happy crafting!!

xo ~ Laura