Saturday, February 26, 2011

Buuurrrrrrrr...... Ice Bowl

Good morning!!

We have had some very strange weather here in the PNW this past week.  Record breaking temperatures, ice, snow and sunshine all in one day!!  Here is an unexpected ice bowl that formed in our dogs outside water bowl.  Wasn't planned but pretty cool huh :)  It's been sitting outside like this for 24 hours now so you can see it is really cold and it isn't melting. 

I finished a glass block for Brandon and Carissa which will be sitting on their table at the wedding reception.  I still have to put a LED light in it to light it up but that will be a few days before I get that done.  I was so excited at how pretty it came out I just had to share it :)  The shadow is not really showing Brandon's name very well but the flash is too much so this is what you get I guess lol.

Decided to work on a few of the small vases that will be placed on the tables for the reception.  I have already bought those water beads to put in them and will get the waterproof lights to go inside.  Should be very pretty :)

Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!!

Today's quote:  Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning.

xo ~ Laura


Proper Prim said...

Laura, I love that glass block... what a great idea... that will look amazing when you light it up. Great idea with the other bowls too. It is all coming so nicely together. Great job.

Hope things are thawing a bit for you today... we are getting snow once again but the temp is just teetering on freezing so it isn't sticking around long.

Have a great weekend buddy...

Hugs, Deb

Connie said...

I can't wait for the pictures of the wedding when everything is all put together. I'll bet it will be beautiful just from the things I've seen so far.

What a crazy few days of weather we have had. It just seems so late in the year to have this stuff. Where was it in December when it would have been pretty?

That ice bowl is too cool.

Country Chicks said...

Laura, love the glass block, Great Idea!! You go crafty girl. Melanie

Genie said...

How in the world did you engrave the glass? If you used an electric cutting tool, you certainly have a steady hand. You did a beautiful job how ever you did it. It is lovely. I bet it is really going to be nice when you get the light in it.