Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bringing the outdoors indoors

Happy Wednesday!!

I was able to relax a little this past weekend and focus on some crafting which felt great. I did have a meeting with the Hospice nurse to get that all figured out and set up so being able to have some "ME" time was very good for my soul.

I had picked up these twigs at work the other day after a big wind storm and decided to bring them home.  I love the outdoors and thought they would look cute by my decorated fireplace so I stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up $5 worth of items to put something simple together.  Here is what I got, minus the twigs :)

And here it is sitting in front of my fireplace.  I really like it!  It gives texture to it and brings some of the outdoors inside.

I also found this tin and I didn't want it for Christmas but have something in mind so you'll have to see what I come up with.  I know...there I go teasing again lol.

Last but not least, I also found this at the Dollar Store and want to do something else with it so stay tuned :)

Well that's it for the day so have a wonderful time today and happy crafting!

xo ~ Laura


Granny J said...

That looks great by the fireplace. I'm no good at arrangements like that.

I'll be waiting to see what you do with the little tin and felt HoHo.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Stick and rocks! So simple and fabulous!