Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wood/Vinyl Gifts for my kids

Happy Saturday evening!!  I hope that all of you have had a fabulous day today and were able to get out and make memories :)  My husband was able to go to the Mariner's game tonight so I was home alone so decided to get a few gifts done for my 3 kids.  Well they are all grown but still my kids lol.

Since tomorrow is Father's Day, I wanted to give my son a little trinket to reflect how proud I am of him of what he has become as a grown man and what a wonderful father he is to his two children.  So I put this little block together and put a few words that describes him.  I'm very proud of him.

The "Love" blocks are for my oldest daughter and her husband.  She loved my blocks I did for myself and said she wanted some in pink and black so of course I accomodated.  They just got married last year so wanted to put something memorable on it for them also.  She has 3 children of her own and has gained a 4th with this marriage so she is a very busy woman.  She's gone through a lot but has always stood on her own two feet and she has made me proud also :)

Then there is my youngest one.  As you know, she has been going through health issues right now and was looking at some of my ideas the other day when she was over to the house so I decided to do this up for her and her boyfriend of 3 years.  Yes there will probably be a wedding in the near future.  They are already "promised" to each other and have already talked about marriage.  She is my toughest of the 3 kids and no matter what she has gone through, she always stays strong and positive.  I admire that girl :)

So that was my wonderful and eventful evening and my husband has returned  home so it's time to relax and then head to bed.  It will be fun to watch their faces tomorrow when I give them their new and special gifts.

Have a wonderful evening!!  Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men tomorrow!!

xo ~ Laura