Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guest Room Makeover

Happy Sunday!!  Well since my youngest moved out the 1st of May, I've had 2 rooms to makeover and of course one of them was turned into my craft room and the other one is being turned into the guest room.  I had some pretty solid things to work with as I just painted her room about 7 months ago and got a new comforter to get her out of the teenager look.  After cleaning things out, I found that I have a lot of room to work with so this is going to be an ongoing project which is fine with me :)

This is what I am working with so far................

This is the wall color and comforter that was already in there and I like the colors.  I figured I will make some throw pillows and maybe an accent throw to it.

I had a little round table and found this material on sale for $1.50/yard and said stripes and flowers, yup that goes together and mixes things up a little.  I will do the throw pillows for the bed in the same material.  I redid the lamp shade as it was purple of all things.  As you can tell, no embelishments yet lol.

This was her iron vanity that she loved but didn't have room to take so I'm storing it here and thought it was a cute accent piece so if we have guest, they have a little area to freshen up :)  Still haven't added the newer embelishments here either.  Like I said, it's a work in progress :)

Here are 2 little frames that I got at the Dollar store, added a little paper and some scrap book pieces and ribbon and cute wall hangings that pull the browns and blues together. 

Wishing you a very relaxing and fun Sunday............... until later

xo ~ Laura