Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life is funny......

Howdy!!  I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying yourself.  Prayers are going out to friends and family that are having to deal with those terrible storms in the states...stay safe.

Each day I am feeling a little better and the emotions are starting to settle down some.  I will never forget our sweet little Bandit and he will forever be in our hearts.  We have him home now and are slowly readjusting to how life is now.  It doesn't seem the same, not will it ever but funny how things happen in life and we do learn to change things around, settle in to what is all around us.

Wednesday our sweet little boy was able to come home.  My hubby went down and picked him up, put him so sweetly in my craft room not disturbing a thing and left it exactly the way that Carrie (the owner of the crematory location) gave it to him.  Larry put a few extra touches on it which when I saw it, I totally broke down and just bawled.  I brought it all out of the boxes and envelops and put it neatly on the table.

Larry added this sweet balloon, red rose and adoreable card.
 Our precious boy lays in this beautiful dark cherry box and Carrie does these wonderful memorial paw prints and she so sweetly gave us a tuff of his fur.
 The card was very specially chosen to have this be directly from Bandit and Larry said this is exactly how he loved his Momma.  Can you see why I was crying???

In doing so and going through the mourning process, I wanted to work on more projects to honor our oldest sweet boy.  I love the paw print and started thinking, what if it accidently gets broken?  Then what?  So I started to think how I could preserve his precious paw imprint.  Being crafty I thought I have to be able to come up with after doing a lot of thinking, I decided to get some of my baking clay, gently press it into the imprint after putting some plastic wrap gently over it and I came up with a reverse paw prints.  I ended up doing 8 of them actually, 4 in white and 4 in brown so now I have plenty "just in case".  Yes this is his little paw paws...cute huh :D
Then I also wanted to do something to be able to hang some of his pictures up and to be able to change things around so this is what I came up with also.  See, I am feeling better as I didn't even cry when doing these :)

So we continue to move forward with life, missing him daily but know he's in a better place, not in any pain and watching over us.  We now focus and love our other two even more making sure they are well loved and taken care of.

Yes we all go through changes in life and even though at times it is difficult, we always make it through and learn to move onward.  Never forgetting, loving more and always cherishing things closely in our hearts.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend and happy crafting!!